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When can I start swimming after delivery..!!

Hey, I'm eight months pregnant. My doctor said that my delivery date would be approximately the last week of next month. During this pregnancy period, I gained much fat. One of my friends suggested swimming helps to obtain the shape after pregnancy. I too heard the same before that swimming is a pretty good exercise to release the fat. So I decided to go with swimming after my delivery. We had a swimming pool in our premise, but it was kept unused. So I thought to make it ready for swimming before my labour. The pool needs to be cleaned, and it requires some maintenance work since it had some leakage issues. I have contacted some swimming pool repair services in Boston for the maintenance of our pool, and they guaranteed to complete the works within one month. But I have some doubts regarding doing swimming after giving birth. When can I swim after giving birth? Is it safe to workout after delivery? Does anyone know/remember how long after delivery that swimming is allowed? I need your valuable suggestions, please feel free to ping me with your comments.
Thank you.

Re: When can I start swimming after delivery..!!

  • I would ask your Dr. I would assume the 6 weeks pp though. As it's not really recommended to do more than walking for exercise after birth. Plus you want everything to heal before you are introducing anything ( like chlorine water) down there.

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