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  • Happy belated birthday @erins_321 and yay for a heartbeat!

  • @erins_321 so exciting and what a great birthday present! Happy birthday and congrats!

    Does anyone else feel like, stuck in limbo right now? I feel so sick, I'm thinking of nothing but this pregnancy, but I *can't* tell anyone yet! I keep almost blurting it out at work and needing to stop myself. Urgh! All my coworker and I talk about is food and I keep almost blurting out my aversions. 

    Yesterday I was feeling really down and I think this was part of it. I am very much a doer, and it feels like there should be so much to do right now, but there really isn't! And the things I could be doing (projects around the house, exercising) I don't want to because I feel like puking :( Part of me can't wait for this first trimester to be over, but then part of me panics even thinking that because that means I have that much less time to prepare. 

    *I know I could tell people, but I really want to try my best to avoid a situation that would involve discussing a loss. I am very private with sensitive matters and I don't think I would handle it well. I've told my immediate family but I'm trying to not just overwhelm them with baby talk constantly lol. 
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    @sassafras917 I know exactly how you feel.  Every day at work is kind of isolating in a way.  I'm very close with my co-workers, but I can't tell them yet.  But at the same time, I want to tell EVERYONE.  Each day I remind myself to keep this special secret between MH and I, but it's difficult!  I think we're finally caving this weekend and going to tell our parents.  I really wanted to wait until after our first OB visit, but I'm losing my patience!  (7w+4d right now)
  • @doglover87 at least we have our parents to talk to, that does help a little. But I'm close to my coworkers as well...we talk about everything so this has been hard! Especially because they know we were TTC! Oh well, I've just gotta keep my mouth shut a little longer.  

    Have fun telling your parents! I'm sure it will be exciting and rewarding to let at least a couple other people know 😄
  • This week I was told that i cant see my ob that delivered my first and have to deliver in Birmingham 
  • @mommaof2019 Oh no ☹️ Is it because he/she is no longer delivery babies? That’s not fun at all. I would be upset, especially if you liked the Doctor. 
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  • TMI Poop Talk

    So I’ve officially stopped pooping as much. I used to poop like 3-4 times a day and now I’m barely going once a day.....by the end of the day I am so freaking bloated and uncomfortable. I feel like an over sized panda waddleing around because of this bloat. It’s embarrassing. I went to a kids carnival last night with my boys and I just felt so unattractive. This pregnancy already feels so different than my first two. 

    On a side note my sisters theory is that if your symptoms and such are different than your previous pregnancy, you will actually have the same gender. It was right for my second son. So I must be having another boy 😂 three boys, wowww 🤪
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  • @xilovemybabiesx my symptoms are always stronger with girls. My nausea is bad to the point of vomiting and i have breakouts. I do not glow when I'm pregnant with a girl. With my boys I glow. Ms is mild and my skin is beautiful. I can usually tell by my MS alone. Even my husband will say, "you must be pregnant with a girl," when I am super sick. 
  • DH and I have found a house we really want to rent in AK. I contacted them last night to see if the house would be available in June when we move. I really hope it works out. That house gives us everything we need and we won't be sacrificing space. 
  • @creamcheeseplease ^^^ this is me, too. Pregnant or not, I could have eggs at every meals. 
    Give me ALL the eggs!!! First real pregnancy craving. 
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    @emeraldcity1214 oOoh! FX for the house you found!! Moving is my least favorite activity. 

    I have ave a mini retreat today and I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. I forgot I was supposed to bring dessert though and so I gotta rush to the market as soon as I get up. 😑
  • I had probably my roughest night so far last night. Nothing would settle my stomach. My husband was trying so hard to offer solutions and I finally just told him, let me lay here, I've been trying so hard, I just can't tonight. When we went to bed, I cried because I was worried I wouldn't be able to sleep and then I apparently immediately started snoring. 😂😂😂

    We had a good laugh this morning when I thankfully woke up feeling OK (and rested)!
  • In the mood for a little bit of a rant:  Had my worst night of sleep yet. I had some sudden onset horrible congestion and runny nose for no apparent reason (I feel fine otherwise). I kept waking up unable to breathe...which is just lovely and now I am more than a little crabby. Had my first ever real pregnancy craving on Friday night. I desperately wanted Vietnamese food (something about the salt and vinegar and vegetables), but my husband absolutely refused to drive the 15 minutes to pick it up for me... Needless to say I was more than a little miffed and hurt. I didn't feel like it was an outrageous request and we had to eat dinner anyway. All I know is that he needs to realize I'm not trying to make his life difficult (not that I think it was a particularly difficult request) and I can't help what I want and that the thought of something else other than what I am craving makes me nauseous. I know it's still early and he has time to learn what it's like to have a pregnant wife. I probably sound like a bit of a brat...but I just wanted my Vietnamese food! 😅😪
  • I spent the afternoon at the park with the kids. There were some other kids there that weren't being very kind to DS2. He didn't understand why they were treating him so poorly. It made my mama bear come out. I looked right at that boy and told him he was being very mean and he needed to stop. I don't think he has ever had another parent correct him before because he had a look or shock on his face. I don't like my kids being mistreated though so I har to say something. I feel like my mama bear could kick into over drive easily so I will have to keep that in check. During DD2'S pregnancy I ended up having to apologize to someone. Oops. 🤦‍♀️
  • @emeraldcity1214 not cool! I would have said something to the boy as well! Then I would have hoped he went to his mom or dad and I would have said something to them as well! I’m the type of person who says what I feel and sometimes it can get me in trouble lol. I’m more pissy this pregnancy so people should watch out haha. 
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    Check your avocados if you live in these six states! The packing plant tested positive for listeria. I’m in Cali and I eat avocados everyday. MH and I were very freaked out. 

    “The recalled products – California-grown conventional and organic avocados -- were packed at Henry Avocado’s packing facility in California and distributed in Arizona, California, Florida New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin. All shipments from the packing facility are subject to the recall (Henry Avocado did not begin packing there until late January 2019). Avocados imported from Mexico and distributed by Henry Avocado are not subject to the recall and may continue to be sold and consumed.”
  • @xilovemybabiesx I also yelled at 2 guys for walking their dogs off a leash. They came running up to my kids and nearly knocked them down and was all in their faces. It upset me because I have no clue if these dogs are nice or not. One of the guys was super nice and apologetic but the other one looked at me like I was crazy. I'm sorry but kids get bit by "nice" dogs all the time. I don't want my kids to get hurt like that. 
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