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  • UPDATE: had the US and got to see the littlest bean in there with a heartbeat ❤️ I have a small hematoma which they said usually resolves itself.  
  • @Rawa1416 I'm glad everything looks good! 
  • @tashia5587 I had the same thing happen today! I definitely wasn't as hydrated today as I have been so I'm trying to catch up...nothing like finally having a bm (tmi - especially if you've been constipated) and then spotting! 
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    @emeraldcity1214 Sorry I took sometime to update. It took longer than I thought to figure out what was going on. Unfortunately, my symptoms got worse last week, I began bleeding heavily and cramping more and today it was confirmed that we lost our little love. This is something I had been preparing myself for since the bleeding began to become more heavy last week so I was accepting of the news today and we are hopeful to experience a healthy pregnancy in the near future. Luckily doctor says my ovaries and uterus look great and encourages us to try again after I have at least one normal cycle. For those of you reading this please know my bleeding was not the spotting most of you are speaking of. It was very heavy with painful cramping and back pains. Thank you for being supportive and concerned during the short time I was apart of the group and wishing you a healthy and smooth pregnancy and healthy baby :) 
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    @pb0801 I am so, so sorry for your loss. Please take care of yourself. Thinking of you  <3
  • pb0801pb0801 member
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    @mvc003 thank you!  
  • @pb0801 I am so sorry for your loss. I’m glad that your ovaries and tubes looked good to the doctors. Sending love your way
  • @pb0801 I'm so sorry for your loss. I would like to encourage you to join the TCAL board. Those ladies are so supportive and they helped me through my loss. My heart aches for you. ❤
  • @pb0801 I'm so sorry for your loss 
  • @pb0801 I am so sorry for your loss. 
  • @pb0801 I am so sorry you're going through this, I too have been there. Wishing you all the best in the future  <3
  • @pb0801 I'm so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself ❤
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  • @pb0801 I am so sorry for your loss.
  • pb0801  sending extra tight love hugs your way <3
  • @pb0801 I am so very sorry :( Take care of yourself ❤️
  • @pb0801 so sorry to hear this. Thinking of you

  • @pb0801 I'm so sorry for your loss. I experienced the same bleeding and pain when we lost our first pregnancy early last year. All I can say is allow yourself to grieve and learn on your husband. You guys will get through this. Sending you lots of love and hope for a successful next pregnancy.
  • @pb0801 So sorry for your loss. Thinking about you.

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  • Today we all went to a maple syrup festival ( so Canadian I know...), lots of walking and carrying of DD who is 2.5. I noticed now when we got home that I have brown discharge and when I wipe CM with pink streaks through it. I’m 5.1 weeks now and so upset I’ve been crying the rest of the day. This is bringing back trauma from my previous MC. I know there’s nothing to do now but wait and see, and this could be completely normal but the worry is still there. 
  • @c1kc1kpol1cn1k I hope that your spotting doesn't continue. Hugs! 
  • @c1kc1kpol1cn1k Hey don't worry too much! Spotting and light bleeding is super normal especially around 4-5 weeks - I have lots of friends who had lots of spotting even felt like a regular period when they were pregnant and they have healthy babies! Brown and pink is ok! Positive thoughts 🙏 Try the app headspace to clear your mind 💕
  • @c1kc1kpol1cn1k I hope your spotting has stopped and it was just the result of all that activity. Thinking of you!
  • Spotting has turned into red spotting and cramping. I am trying to get into my Drs office today to at least see what the outcome is but it is not promising at all :(
  • @c1kc1kpol1cn1k please keep us updated. I will be praying that everything is okay. Hugs ❤
  • @c1kc1kpol1cn1k sending all the positive vibes your way and hoping that everything is alright  <3
  • @c1kc1kpol1cn1k praying all is ok! 
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  • Kaydub7Kaydub7 member
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    I have been spotting for over a week now. I am 6w 5d. 

    The spotting is mostly brown but had a few drops of bright red blood last week. 

    Ive has my hcg levels tested 3 times and they’re quite low but going up by 50-60% in 48 hours. 

    My doctor says I just have to wait til my first ultrasound this Thursday. I am driving myself crazy googling everything that could be wrong. I just have a sinking feeling that something isn’t right but I am trying to have hope until the ultrasound. 

    Hood of luck to everyone here! It’s such a worrying time! 
  • @Kaydub7 I hope your u/s goes well on Thursday. I'll be thinking of you.
  • My farewell

    *TW* spotting turned to full on AF and heavy cramping last night, I won’t go into detail but much quicker than my last MC.**

    thank you all again and I’m hoping you have happy healthy pregnancies ❤️
  • @c1kc1kpol1cn1k I'm so sorry for your loss. 
  • @c1kc1kpol1cn1k I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending you lots of hugs. ❤
  • I'm so sorry @c1kc1kpol1cn1k, thinking of you.

  • I started spotting Sunday night, just pink discharge when I wipe, it really scares me because just 2 weeks ago I had dropping hcg haven't measured since until yesterday and hcg is only 4993 and I was 6w6d yesterday. But my ultrasound yesterday was still completely normal , measured 6w6d and had a heart rate of 139. I'm so stressed and confused.  Haven't spotted today since fmu
  • @mommystuebs have you called your OB? 
  • @c1kc1kpol1cn1k I am so so sorry for your loss  <3
  • @emeraldcity1214 yes I've been in steady contact with my ob, she doesn't know what's going on with me but has me doing u/s biweekly . Spotting was back last I went to the bathroom. I've been asking to have my progesterone tested and they haven't , they said it's unimportant 
  • @mommystuebs I would push harder about the progesterone. My OB told me there is no evidence that it helps but I have heard of women who have had success with it in other groups I'm in. 
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    Hi friends! I had some bright red bleeding this afternoon. It’s slowed down now and is brown, but I’m freaking the heck out. 

    I did IVF so I called my clinic and they ordered a blood draw, so we’ll see! Fingers crossed. 

    Edited to add: I’m currently 6w 2d.
  • Still bleeding since sunday, every day is a little heavier. Went to drs yesterday , cervix is still closed and no tissue yet,  I'm losing my mind 
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