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Baby Sprinkle

A couple friends asked to throw a Sprinkle for us (we have two boys and found out we’re having a girl). This is so sweet and makes me feel very special! I don’t know who to invite or how others feel about ‘sprinkles’. At first we planned to have our small group of dinner club girls, but she’s asked two times if I want to invite other friends and family. I want it to be easy on her... thoughts? Tia

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    @cmost227316 FTM, but I recently had a friend throw us a gender reveal party and felt the same way. I was a little hesitant at first because I know some people think gender reveal parties are dumb, and I didn't want to ask too much of her.

    But like your friend, she kept asking and asking, so I thought, "screw it, let's have a party!" Once I came to terms that the people *want* to be there, and my friend *wants* to throw this party I wasn't hesitant anymore. And guess what - we had a great time!

    If your friend keeps asking my guess is that she wants to make sure you have a special day. I say hand over the reigns and enjoy yourself. A baby is a great excuse to get people together for good food and good company!
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    Thanks for your post!!! :)
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  • I'm late to answer but I say if you have friends that want to throw you one, let them! They just want to celebrate with you. I know people who have had full on showers for their 3rd and 4th baby and everyone still comes. I get you on not knowing who to invite. My mom wants to do something but I don't want to do a big shower again and have other people feel obligated. 
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