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Week 2 Check In W/O 2/25

Due date: 

Any appointments? Questions? 


How are you feeling? 

Did you do anything to prep for baby this week? 

GTKY: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Re: Week 2 Check In W/O 2/25

  • batmama31batmama31 member
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    Due date: 4/8

    Any appointments? Questions? next appt is this friday. I'm kinda concerned about baby's position right now. almost all movements have been down low & it has me worried he is breeched. so I'm gonna ask doc to tell me what position he's in.

    Rants/Raves? not really a rant, but I'm just so fucking over being pregnant now. my recent board activity has been limited to lurking b/c I've been too cranky to engage. I'm sorry, guys! but rave: I finally have a plan for husband's birthday celebration! (see randoms)

    How are you feeling? see above

    Did you do anything to prep for baby this week? I think I've narrowed down his middle name! it's a japanese name, and what's tricky about japanese names is the kanji associated w/ them. a) I have a pretty limited knowledge of japanese boys names, and b) an even more limited knowledge of kanji. but w/ my mom's help, I think I have it! phonetically, it's yuji, and I asked my mom to get her brothers' input on the 2 different kanji options I have for spelling it.

    GTKY: What did you want to be when you grew up? when doogie howser was still on tv, I wanted to be a doctor. at 5yo, I was obsessed w/ him. I had it in my little 5yo mind that I was going to study hard like he did, become a doctor & get a job in the same hospital as him, and make him fall in love w/ me and then we'd get married. but when the show was cancelled, I said, "fuck math & science, I'll be a writer since everyone tells me I have pretty penmanship." so I got my degree in creative writing and now I'm a quality analyst for a gov't contracted aerospace company. logical order of events, I know. 

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  • Due date: April 12

    Any appointments? Questions? None this week. I do want to ask my midwife, though, if diarrhea is common at this stage. I may just be starting to get nervous for baby to get here, though. Sometimes that messes with my bowls!

    Rants/Raves? Rave: I've purchased almost the rest of my registry and am really nesting and getting things ready for baby/nursery, including getting rid of crap (and convincing DH and step-daughter to do it as well) that just takes up space in the house. It feels so good!

    How are you feeling? The usual blah. Reflux, moodiness, and tired. It's really not terrible, but I'm so ready to be done.

    Did you do anything to prep for baby this week? See above.

    GTKY: What did you want to be when you grew up? So many things - doctor or lawyer were the 2 main ones. I aimed pretty high until I realized I didn't want to go to school that long!

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  • Due date: 

    Any appointments? Questions? 

    34 week appt tomorrow morning and physical therapy appt in the afternoon for SPD


    See weekly randoms for my rant on my furniture I ordered in November

    How are you feeling? 

    Like crap with this nasal congestion. Nasal rinses aren’t helping, I wish I could take the good stuff just so I can get some decent sleep. Even benedryl isn’t helping with the sleep

    Did you do anything to prep for baby this week? 

    Washed and sorted DDs old clothes. Realized I got rid of more small clothes than I thought I did....oops. DH isn’t going to be happy that I need to go shopping for clothes lol. On the plus side I have a ton of 18month to 2T sized clothes 

    GTKY: What did you want to be when you grew up?

    I always wanted to be a veterinarian. But I didn't enjoy the non biology/anatomy science classes. So I ended up with a double degree in math and business. I still love animals and have a dream of breeding dogs when the kids are older. I always tell DH if we didn’t have kids, I’d be a dog hoarder lol 

  • @batmama31 I asked my doc if she could feel where baby was and she kind of giggled at me.  I know it's early but it's definitely a concern if he's not in the right position.

    Due date:  April 8

    Any appointments? Questions?   OB next week.  I'll get my official "done work now" letter from her then.

    Rants/Raves?  I need to buck up and tell my boss about my last day.  She was just at my desk and I wussed out.  Why am I so scared to tell her?  She knows it's coming, they can't fire me.  Just do it!  Ugh.  Other than that things are going relatively well.  I feel like I've gotten a lot done lately and we'll be in a good spot for when baby comes.  A few more things to organize and clean to prep for a new kiddo but I'm feeling optimistic. 

    How are you feeling?  Just like everyone else ha, I'm so tired and sore.  SPD is no joke and every little movement hurts.  Even just sitting for too long hurts, but then standing hurts.

    Did you do anything to prep for baby this week?  Got a couple boxes of hand-me-downs, washed them and put them away!  Just need to buy the van and car seat and we're good to go for babe.

    GTKY: What did you want to be when you grew up?  I always wanted to be a secretary or a teacher.  I don't know why sitting at a desk, typing and answering phones appealed to me as a child.

    Me: 31
    H: 36
    L & N twin girls: 3yo. Born at 30 weeks. 2 month NICU stay
    BFP Aug 2018: EDD April 2019
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  • Due date: 4/14

    Any appointments? Questions? Weekly BPP this afternoon 

    Rants/Raves? We have been waiting to get all the carpets cleaned to start the babies room. Seemed silly to put the furniture all together and then have to move it all. So we have waited. So I have been counting down to the weekend. My hubby just told me that he probably won't be able to do anything because he has a big presentation due for his class ( He is working on his MBA). I know he can't help it but I am bummed. 

    Rave- I am having a small shower at both my jobs this week. It won't be a lot of stuff but it is just fun to celebrate with my people! For my school it will be a small get together int he library. For my travel agent friends we are going out to dinner. Excited to hang out with everyone! 

    How are you feeling? I am hanging in there. I am worried about the end of this week though. Due to all the snow days I have not had a 5 day week in forever. It looks like this might be a 5 day week. I am worried about how my poor feet (and hoohah) will hold up by the end of the week! 

    Did you do anything to prep for baby this week? Getting ready to purchase the final things from my registry. 

    GTKY: What did you want to be when you grew up? I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and thats exactly what I am doing. I used to set up a fake school in my room and would teach lessons. 

  • Due date: April 10

    Any appointments? Questions? Next week starts my weekly apts. Apt last week was good, doc showed me baby's head is low in my pelvis. 
    Question -- how much is everyone worrying about the birth? I'm so nervous!!

    Rants/Raves? I am freaking out that all the sudden this is happening so fast. 34 weeks on Wednesday... and I figure baby watch kind of starts at 38 weeks (of course anything can happen at any time) and I'm out of town for a conference this week... so basically... 4 week countdown HOLY HELL. 

    How are you feeling? Pretty good. Though tired of feeling like I have to pee all the time and the weight/pressure of my stomach often hurts. But overall I feel good. Nervous... see above.

    Did you do anything to prep for baby this week? Had my baby shower on Saturday which was amazing except (sorry if this sounds rude) I got way too many clothes. Hoping to return as many as possible as I already have a lot of hand me downs... and I will buy some more practical stuff I needed. But I felt special and loved and excited. Got a crib and dresser on facebook marketplace and have almost all the "stuff" I need... have been reading and trying to mentally prepare.

    GTKY: What did you want to be when you grew up? A doctor... til I realized I didn't like blood!

    Me & DH ~ 32
    Married 7/6/13

    EDD 2/5/21

    DD 4/19
  • @himolly88 You don't sound rude! I've really disliked people getting me clothes. Please just get me something off my registry that we NEED. But thank you for the gift nonetheless :smile:
  • @himolly88 that's not rude at all. We have a ton of NB clothes already and were gifted more yesterday. The ones that I have gift receipts for are going back. I can get bigger sizes from Carter's and other practical items that we need at Target. It is what it is.
  • @himolly88 People love buying baby clothes and they always buy the smallest size.  The best gifts are the bigger sizes!!  Get 12+months, please!  With my girls it came to a point where I just put them in an outfit for the picture to send to the giver and they never wore it again, such a waste!  Or there were a few that just went unworn.  Hopefully you can return some - even just for store credit - and get other things.  
    Me: 31
    H: 36
    L & N twin girls: 3yo. Born at 30 weeks. 2 month NICU stay
    BFP Aug 2018: EDD April 2019
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  • Due date: April 13th

    Any appointments? Questions? Had my regular OB appointment today and a growth scan with MFM next Tuesday. Today went great - baby is still head down, good heart rate, and my BP was good. I also got my TDAP. But I have officially started a Google doc for tracking questions that DH and I have during the week because my brain leaves me the second that I enter the OB's office (last week I was supposed to wait for a prescription for my breast pump and a TDAP shot and I 100% walked out without both of those things). 

    Rants/Raves? Shockingly, no rant this week. And my rave is another shout out to my DH. He had me make a list of things that we needed to get done on Saturday (we had birthing class on Sunday so figured that productivity would be out the window then) and he knocked out so much of it. I helped, but I also fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours and he kept working on getting stuff done while letting me catch up on some rest. He's really just been amazing lately. 

    How are you feeling? Pretty good. I've been struggling a bit with sleeping the last couple of nights between pelvic discomfort and having to pee every couple of hours. Also I have officially started wearing DH's socks when I have to wear sneakers or boots because my socks just fuel my feet swelling. I did have some nausea today, but it eventually passed. 

    Did you do anything to prep for baby this week? We have really been checking things off our list! Nursery corner is all set up with crib and wall hangings (just need his mattress). We ordered the dresser/changing table, started drafting baby shower thank you notes, cleared out the cupboard for baby's bottles, and organized the closets and all of LO's swaddles, burp cloths, and bibs. Yesterday we went to birthing class and today I found our pediatrician and we have our hospital tour in about 30 minutes. 

    GTKY: What did you want to be when you grew up? I always wanted to be a lawyer (and my reach for the stars dream was to be a Supreme Court Justice). But I ended up studying public policy and drifting away from the idea of law school a few years ago and I'm pretty happy where I'm at now. 

  • @himolly88 not rude at all, I think most moms to be feel that way. They one thing I regret with DD is announcing her gender before the shower. I would have kept it a secret because in my experience Team Green showers get more practical gifts and less clothes. 
  • @himolly88 we also got a lot of clothes, but thankfully only a couple of items that were small. Since our little guy is measuring big, my SIL told me to take back the couple of newborn outfits that she got him and that’s what I did. We are actually much more set for 9+ months at this point compared to everything before 9 months. 
  • Too exhausted to respond to everyone, but I read everyone's check-ins and yay for productive weekends and baby showers!  My best friend asked me today if any of my family is planning anything and I'm 99% sure they aren't (which makes sense since this is baby boy #2 for us, but I'm a bit bummed that not even a sprinkle or celebration was thought of).

    Due date: April 10th

    Any appointments? Questions? Hospital tour tomorrow and checkup on Wednesday.  I'm just hoping the hospital doesn't have a policy against young visitors, because I really want DS1 to meet his baby brother while we're there!  Unless I only stay a day or something.

    Rants/Raves? Rant: I feel like a crummy daughter because my mom just brought up today that she would like to take me shopping to get whatever I still need for the nursery, but the problem is we don't need anything... :-/.  I feel like she is probably feeling left out and it wasn't my intention.  With my first pregnancy, we were still living with my parents so they were much more involved.  Rave: One more day of painting and we can put carpet in the nursery and officially pull everything together!  Ahh! 

    How are you feeling?  I left work early tonight due to bad sciatica.  Plus a lot of braxton hicks and a migraine.  I think I overdid it painting today, but we're so close to having a finished room.

    Did you do anything to prep for baby this week? Almost finished painting, then it's just putting carpet/trim in and organizing everything.

    GTKY: What did you want to be when you grew up? Anything from a veterinarian to a baker to an author.  I ended up as a gymnastics instructor with a baking business on the side, so maybe close?  :lol:

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  • @batmama31 what a great idea!!!  I'll have to remember that!
    Me: 31
    H: 36
    L & N twin girls: 3yo. Born at 30 weeks. 2 month NICU stay
    BFP Aug 2018: EDD April 2019
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  • @batmama31 that is the best bit of shower hostessing advice ever
  • @batmama31 I'm with you for being over pregnancy. Pregnancy sucks. I know so women love being pregnant (and I'm so happy for them), but I am not one of those women. It is a terrible means to an awesome end.

    @himolly88 I'll be honest that anxiety around birth has been huge for me for pretty much ever. For me, its not the pain or even the potential for complications (I don't really think anyone shows up at the hospital in labour thinking, "man, this is going to be a breeze!"), but the knowledge of some of the gaps we have in OBGYN care locally, and the fear that depending on who ends up delivering, I may have things done to me without my consent. What really helped me was talking in explicit detail with DH about my fears, and letting him know what was okay and what wasn't, and knowing that he would speak up and advocate for me when I couldn't. I also think that I'm less fearful now because I am so over being pregnant that I just want this baby out of my body by whatever means necessary. Do you know who will be in the delivery room with you? Might be helpful to talk about some of the stuff you're nervous about with them, so you know you have an advocate with you. I've also made a habit of cutting people off when they start to tell me about how horrible their birth experience was, because that is never helpful to hear when you're only a few weeks out from giving birth yourself. Hopefully this helps! Always open to be a sounding board if you need someone to vent to :)

    Due date: 11-Apr-2019

    Any appointments? Questions? Regular check-up tomorrow night. 

    Rants/Raves? Rant: Tired of every conversation being around pregnancy. I'm like, what did you talk to me about before? Has our relationship really changed that much because I'm pregnant that we have nothing else to talk about? Rave: Basement renos are FINALLY underway. We had a massive flood back in January and the insurance company had been giving us the dickaround for quite a while, and now we are FINALLY rolling. Also our contractor is a very kind man and is building me a custom shelving unit in my office. 

    How are you feeling? SO over being pregnant. Everything hurts. Everybody feels like they get to ask you anything. I'm done. Get this little monster (who I love dearly, don't get me wrong...) out of me!

    Did you do anything to prep for baby this week? Had the baby shower over the weekend and got the decals up in the nursery. There were no games at the shower, everybody basically ate and drank and hung out and then gave us stuff. Ideal baby shower!

    GTKY: What did you want to be when you grew up? I always wanted to be a doctor (seems like a trend in this group!) I think I just loved science and wanted to help people, but found out later on in life that you can use science to help people in other careers too! Which led me to clinical research :)

  • @kate_e_nb I agree with you wholeheartedly!!!  Every conversation is about pregnancy or someone telling me their birth story, or who else they know that's pregnant.  Great, Patricia - I don't care that your neighbour is also due in April.
    Me: 31
    H: 36
    L & N twin girls: 3yo. Born at 30 weeks. 2 month NICU stay
    BFP Aug 2018: EDD April 2019
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  • I agree on the prego convos - I'm mostly annoyed at people commenting on how I look. Just because you tell me I look tiny, that is not a compliment. 1. I know I don't look tiny, and 2. That makes me worried that something is wrong with LO! A girl yesterday even said, are you measuring ok? Then she proceeded to tell me that maybe I was growing more out to the side and that's why my stomach wasn't sticking out as far as she thought it should. Note: I'm pretty sure she's never been pregnant. So please stop! And I do NOT want to be told that I'm growing out to the side. Thanks for that.
  • @mermaidca right? We are more than baby incubators! There are things to talk about other than pregnancy! Crazy... I know...

    @rennie1108 I hate that people think saying you're tiny is somehow a compliment. How about you just don't comment on my body at all? Would you have commented on my size before I was pregnant? No? Then why is it appropriate now...?
  • @kate_e_nb and @rennie1108, wholeheartedly agree.  People apparently think being pregnant means you enjoy a dozen strangers commenting on your body on a regular basis.  Bleh.
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  • Due date: 4/11

    Any appointments? Questions? Starting weekly appointments next Thursday!

    Rants/Raves? Not really.. just ready to get our tax returns back so I can paint and redo DS's new big boy room! 

    How are you feeling? SO pregnant!! I always thought I'd go early last pregnancy (every mom would laugh) lol but this time I seriously feel I cant make it to 40 weeks... like I physically dont think I can! My pelvis is in shambles.. i can hardly walk at this point. I had to buy a brace and that helps a tad to do daily activities and take care of DS. I've had diarrhea daily, nausea, tons of watery discharge, and last night I had some brown discharge. Lots going on! Trying to stay in high spirits though lol

    Did you do anything to prep for baby this week? Just packing the hospital bag slowly 

    GTKY: What did you want to be when you grew up? A mom! I've always wanted to be a stay at home mom 

  • Due date: April 12

    Any appointments? Questions? Had an ultrasound Monday. Baby is already measuring 5.5lbs at 33 weeks, so shes going to be on the bigger side. My son was almost 9lbs when born so I just grow them bigger I guess

    Rants/Raves? I found out this week that my OB has decided to retire...like now. He's transferring me to his colleague, not the biggest deal in the world just a bummer because I really like my current OB and didnt realize he was that old.

    How are you feeling? Very large but mostly okay. Reflux at night is a pain and my feet are achy but I've still been able to do most things thankfully.

    Did you do anything to prep for baby this week? Thankfully I am done prepping except freezer meals. I got the final stuff done in the past 2 or 3 weeks because I have this sneaky suspicion she is going to try and come early.

    GTKY: What did you want to be when you grew up?I wanted to be a veterinarian and I am a licensed veterinary technician (pretty much an RN for animals) so pretty close! Definitely getting more difficult to do my job at this point but I'm hoping I can hold out another 4 or 5 weeks at least.

  • +1 for annoyance over pregancy related convos. I get more irritated because people always ask the same questions (like “how are you feeling”) but they don’t really care about your answer. Also this past week I’ve had two strangers comment on my size and carry on about it......I’m like just bag my groceries I don’t need to know the detail of your births lol.

    @elmich3 I forgot I always wanted to a mom too, so at least I’m doing that!(which I love) Also I just started PT for my pelvic pain and SPD and it has been so helpful. So perhaps ask your doctor for a referral to PT 
  • @triskele We share the same due date! I wish I knew how big my LO was - do you get extra ultrasounds? I'm so clueless with this stuff.
  • triskeletriskele member
    edited February 2019
    @rennie1108 Yay for the same due date! It'll be fun to see when they both decide to show up.
    I get ultrasounds monthly because she is an IVF baby and I had multiple miscarriages between my son and her. IVF babies tend to be smaller but thankfully that's not the case with this LO!
  • How interesting! Mine is also an IVF baby, but the only reason we did IVF is because my DH had a vasectomy 15 years ago and we are on the older side, so I didn't want to chance a reversal not working. I've never been pregnant before or had any known fertility issues - must be why I don't get any ultrasounds. I'm very excited for you!!
  • Due date: April 8th

    Any appointments? Questions? Stuck in hospital until delivery at this point so no real appointments left unfortunately (read randoms/hospital stay)

    Rants/Raves? raves: baby has stayed put up until today, rant: I still have too much to do and now I don't have time to get it done

    How are you feeling? pretty good all things considering. Baby is still moving around great and the only symptom I'm really dealing with right now is heartburn in the middle of the night. I haven't walked around too much though so a lot of the movement pain has gone away

    Did you do anything to prep for baby this week? My MIL and DH got the bassinet cleaned up and out of the basement as well as the baby swing. We don't have any premie clothes bought so I'm going to do some online shopping today just to be on the safe side since we aren't quite sure how baby is measuring growth wise

    GTKY: What did you want to be when you grew up? A veterinarian, which is such a change from what I'm doing lol. I manage for a Waste company despite having a Bachelor's in Biomedical Science. I'm all over the place career wise.

  • Due date: 4/14

    Any appointments? Questions? Just had a regular appointment today, everything looks great per my OB. 

    Rants/Raves? Rants: Pelvic pain and exhaustion. My ob said I can take Benedryl for my sinus congestion and insomnia. Anyone taking anything right now for insomnia? thoughts?

    Raves: the end is near!

    How are you feeling? other then pelvic pain and tired, not too shabby

    Did you do anything to prep for baby this week? nope! I have a ton of baby stuff to go through, I plan on doing that this weekend.

    GTKY: What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a pilot. I love flying.

    @angelob88 I am so sorry you are stuck in the hospital! I haven't read the randoms yet.

  • @snowhite12 I'm also taking benadryl to sleep. My midwife recommended childrens liquid benadryl since it works faster than pills so that's what I'm using.
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