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Water Breaking Story

I’m still waiting on baby to get here, but I’m just curious about how those that have delivered LO already water broke. Was it done by doctors, happened in public, in bed, gushing, or trickle?

Re: Water Breaking Story

  • I have not gone into labor yet either but I also have a question related to this for the women who went into labor naturally already. What were you doing when you realized you were in labor or what were you doing when the labor contractions started? I’m 3 days past my due date and feel so impatient! 
  • I was sitting down eating dinner and I felt this weird pop feeling down below. I stood up and immediately felt like I was going to pee my pants so I went to the bathroom and it just gushed out. I couldn’t control it and it was a ton so I knew it was my water breaking and not just having to pee. My contractions started shortly after that! 
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  • My water broke for my first and third, both times in bed. This time I was rolling over and there was a huge gush (think water breaking movie- style) and when I got to the bathroom I had a huge puddle in my undies. For me, I had a few contractions on the way to the hospital and two bad back contractions once there before they started the c section. The weirdest thing/ feeling is not being able to control the leakage.  It just feels so weird walk-in around “peeing” yourself!!! 
  • I had the walking around “peeing myself” feeling for a day or two, and I really had no idea if I had a trickle or had just actually peed. It was such a small amount that I didn’t think much of it, but definitely wet. Then, when I actually went to the hospital, it was because I felt the urge to pee, and when I sat down, I finished peeing, and “water” still kept coming out after I was quite sure I had emptied my bladder. We went to the hospital, and sure enough that was it. However, I was a good few hours into an induced labor (no natural contractions after water broke, with DD or this DS) when they found “some remaining unruptured sac”.... so apparently that’s a possibility too! Who knew?!
  • The midwife did mine because I was induced. It felt like a warm gush and totally painless. I gave birth almost 12 hours later  :p
  • I was in the hospital being induced with pitocin. I was laying in bed trying to get some sleep and I heard a pop and felt a gush. Unfortunately, LO still wasn’t ready and after 32 hours he was delivered via c-section. 
  • oftcfo said:
    I’m still waiting on baby to get here, but I’m just curious about how those that have delivered LO already water broke. Was it done by doctors, happened in public, in bed, gushing, or trickle?
    I started this post and didn’t get a chance to read the replies, before my own water broke. Yay! At 3:55am on the 23rd, I was laying in bed asleep and somehow woke up to a popping feeling and felt warm liquid on sweatpants. I just right out of bed. I managed not to make a mess in the bed and am so thankful we just got rid of our carpet. I gushed all the way to the bathroom and got in the shower before heading to the hospital.
  • I was sleeping and had been crampy for the last week prior and got up to pee as i was waking to the bathroom i thought my goodness i peed myself then realized i could not control that and it wasnt pee! Every time i moved more came out.  Definitely soaked at least 4 or 5 giant maxipads within the 45min drive to the hospital but didnt go into active labour until 12 hours later. 
  • I also felt that slight popping feeling before getting out of bed. Magically no amniotic fluid in the bed. 
  • With all three of my kids, I had contractions first. The first and third (this one) the doctors broke my water after I was fully dilated and babies were born between 15 and half hour later. The second water broke on its own and baby was born 15 minutes later. This delivery I didn't have any excess mucus or any other indication it was coming besides consisted contractions.
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