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Breastfeeding/Feeding Support and Advice

Hope it's okay to start this thread admins! Currently almost 2 weeks in and as a FTM I have already seen so many lactation consultants at Kaiser. So far baby girl has gained her weight back after mild jaundice but I am mot producing enough milk yet to exclusively breastfeed.

Is anyone else taking herbs like Fenugreek or supplementing w/formula? I read that newborns don't know hunger until 3 weeks so I am feeding her every 2.5 to 3 hrs? Are you pumping after every feeding?

Re: Breastfeeding/Feeding Support and Advice

  • I'm taking fenugreek and blessed thistle. Seems to be working. I'm exclusively pumping at this point. We try nursing a few times a day but baby seems to be a bit lazy and quits before she's full. If she does I just pump to empty my breasts.
    When I pump and she didn't nurse I'm getting about 4 oz at a time (3 weeks PP). I actually just told DH to make me a shelf in our extra freezer for my stash. 
  • @bellebaby221 4 OZ!!! Wow! I hope I get up to that number  <3

    I just started Fenugreek and Moringha. Right now I pump after feedings. They have me thread a small tube taped by my nipple into her mouth, so she's getting formula supplemented w/whatever is coming out from me. When I pump after I get 1.5oz total  :#
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  • You may be doing these things already, but when I had supply issues with DD, I ate oatmeal every morning, drank plenty of water (96+ oz a day) and took a calcium magnesium zinc supplement. The LC I saw recommended it for later on, as hormones change nearing your the start of your cycle once it returns, but I took it all month and definitely saw an increase when I started it, as well as a decrease when I forgot to take it. I’ve been taking it since before DS was born this time around, and I haven’t had any issues (yet). 

    Also, skin to skin! I don’t have research to back it up, but with DD, I did it every so often when I noticed a lag in production, up until I want to say 9 months or so, and noticed a difference.

    Maybe it was just me, and luck, but sharing in case maybe it might help someone else!
  • @catwoman8731 Thanks! I forget to eat but I will start the oatmeal  :p 

    At first I felt like a failure because my milk didn't come soon enough. I am open to trying anything to be able to exclusively breastfeed! The lactation consultants keep reminding me that my priority right now is to get her fed hence the supplementing. I hope the milk comes   <3
  • How do you know you’re not making enough? We are seeing a lactation consultant in the morning. Right after my c section they put me on a nipple shield because my nipples are/were flat. Now we are thinking he is dependent on them because he’ll just barely nurse til he falls asleep. We will see what they say 
  • I second the hydration recommendation. I started keeping a 30 oz insulated cup with me at all times and make sure I get at least 3 of those a day, hopefully more. I definitely notice a difference if I'm not hydrating. 
    I saw a lactation consultant last week and she recommended the nipple shield too. Since we were giving bottles to get her weight back up after her jaundice issue she got used to that feel. The shields help get her latching more quickly. The consultant said to try without it once and a while to see if her feeding reflexes are getting better. Hopefully we can wean her off of the shield at some point. 
    Definitely agree with what @glitterbug6 said about the priority being to make sure baby gets fed. The lactation consultant I saw while in the hospital made me feel so guilty because baby was having such a hard time latching. I literally went home and cried the first 2 days because it was such a struggle. Then I saw a much more compassionate person at the follow up that actually tried to work on our issues and get us help.
  • @kenishi I am still supplementing w/formula and when I pump I get 1 1/2 total on average. That's why I am doing herbs. Ler us know what the lactation consultant says!

    @bellebaby221 I feel you on the crying. Thank goodness you got a more compassionate person on the follow up.  <3  How many times do you pump a day?

  • @glitterbug6 I probably get 8 sessions in a day, for about 15 minutes each. If she nurses I pump for a shorter time or just long enough to empty the side she didn't nurse from. 
  • @glitterbug6 thanks so much for starting this thread. It’s great to hear other people’s stories. I’m breastfeeding, but I have to supplement with formula because LO lost a lot of weight in the hospital. I breastfeed and give 1/2 ounce of formula every 2-3 hours. I had some blocked ducts in my left breast and things were a bit tricky for a while, but we’re doing good now.
  • The lactation consultant said I needed to start supplementing with breast milk. She was super helpful and we got little George to latch well while we were there. But he hasn’t put on any weight, he’s still down from birth weight. 

    What we are concerned though now that we are home is that I am not producing enough! I fed then pumped and got 1 oz total both times. I waited two hours, ate a good healthy dinner and then pumped again and got 1/2 oz. I think he’s hungry and that’s why he has been so fussy but isn’t getting enough! 

    @nataliezbrungart how did you know you were clogged? 
  • @kenishi DS stopped latching on my left breast, and to touch it it was much harder than my right breast. There was a noticeable difference, and after some googling I knew for sure it was a clogged duct. When I felt around there were a couple of really hard lumps. I have been using warm compresses and massaging to get the hard lumps to unblock. Also massaging any hard lumps while he feeds on that breast has helped. 
  • @nataliezbrungart How long before you could ebf? (exclusively breastfeed) I am at 2 weeks 1 day still supplementing w/formula  :#
  • @glitterbug6 I’m still supplementing with formula. We’re only at 1 week old today. Last Thursday was his first appointment, and the pediatrician told me to give him an ounce of formula in addition to breastfeeding. We had another appointment on Saturday to check his weight and she told us to cut down to half an ounce. I’m hoping by this Friday (his next appointment) that he’ll be up to his birthweight, and I’ll be able to start exclusively breastfeeding. I did start pumping this Friday, which was a little frustrating for me at first. I’m doing better with it and hope to start storing milk so that DH can get in on the feeding action. 
  • @nataliezbrungart I’ve been massaging too. I’m wondering if I have a low supply! Bleh! 

    @glitterbug6 my LC told me that white rice is great for supply! Thought you might like to know too! ;)
  • I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the breastfeeding tunnel.  Breastfeeding is soooo much harder then being pregnant. Lmao. My little one is a month old and my supply didnt really even start to come in until 1 week in ... he was formula fed for the first week and he had some jaundice so he was a lazy baby at first. 

     He is now fully breasfed woop woop and has gained back his weight and then some!! I try to pump a bit as well so my hubby can still feed him once a day when he gets home and give my nips a breather if needed. Lol. But seriously had no idea how hard breastfeeding would be. 😣
  • @bhou I second that! I've had 4 kids and each one of them presented its own challenges. Everything you see/read makes it seem like it will just happen so naturally!
    I'm so happy you're moving forward. I took baby out for the first time yesterday for 6 hours and she nursed twice with no problem. It also helped me get past some of my reservations about nursing in public. Yay for progress!!
  • @bellebaby221 Hooray! Did you use a cover up? I am so nervous about trying to bf in public!

    @kenishi So happy to have rice again! I am assuming your gd went away as well?

    @bhou Congrats! What are you doing for sore nipples? Btwn pumping and feeding they feel sooooo sore :'(  Daughter is cluster feeding today so I am dying lol!

    @nataliezbrungart Good luck on your Friday appt! I have one this Thursday to check out my progress w/bfeeding. 
  • @glitterbug6 Yes, I have a car seat cover that can double as a nursing cover. I didn't want to embarrass my older sons since we were at one of their sporting events! Although they've been very good about all things baby and super curious about it all. I love that they're asking questions. I just don't think they'd want their friends to see me breastfeeding, lol!
  • @kenishi when did you have your baby? I have read that milk production isn’t going to be really rocking until a month. I started pumping and typically get 1/2 an ounce each time. That’s from both breasts. I know it’s hard work, and it sounds like you’re doing a great job. Keep breastfeeding and supplementing LO will start gaining. 
  • @glitterbug6 yes it did!! Yay! 

    @nataliezbrungart thank you so much, I didn’t know that and I really needed to hear it! Some feedings go really well and sometimes he just doesn’t latch well and then I go pump and don’t get a lot so I worry. He’s 2 weeks today! 

    Yes, the nipple soreness is real... anyone got tips? 
  • @kenishi I found that putting a warm wash cloth on mine before bed and then slathering on the lanolin worked for me. I had what looked like an ulcer on my left nipple and it hurt even to pump. I just kept cleaning it with warm compresses and then lanolin and it cleared up in a few days. 
  • @bellebaby221 ouch!! I will definitely be giving that a try tonight! Thank you!! 
  • Great thread ladies. I've been briefly checking in. I make smoothies in the morning and add oatmeal and flaxseed as well. I think it helps. Also try not to stress about your supply.. I know, easier said than done but stress can take a hit on your supply as well. Good luck and you are all doing a great job!
  • @glitterbug6 Ive been using lanolin on my.nips..sometimes i think it helps... sometimes I dont think it does. 

     Last night I slept with my bra and shirt off and just aired out - amazing! Well. For some reason the little one decided to sleep through the night  :# so I was bursting! I pumped 200ml then breastfed the little guy.

    I agree with the pain. Maybe because im pumping and bfeeding but I spend more time complaining about my sore boobies then I did my sore back during pregnancy LOL. 

    Wonder can you use an icepack on a sore boob? 
  • Seriously when does it stop hurting?! It's like pins and needles when she first latches then it dies down. Does it always feel like that?

    My mom is on town and when I pump around her ( yes, I shut the door) I barely get anything. It's stressing me out because I see the lactation consultant again on Weds for a "do or die" appointment  :( 
  • @glitterbug6 Have you had her checked for tongue tie? I had the same type of pain and it was because she couldn't get a good latch because she has a short frenulum. 
    Nipple shields seriously saved me. 
  • @bhou they make special cold/hot packs for the boob!

    @glitterbug6 I hear yah. My do or die has basically come and I haven't been able to produce enough which is so frustrating and more emotion causing then i thought it would be but I keep reminding myself that a Fed baby is the best baby.
  • @glitterbug6 hang in there. I feel you the emotions are so strong. I feel like a failure to not be able to feed my child but I’ve seen him grow and get better and it helps. They say it can take weeks to build your supply up. Mine is sloooowly starting to increase. Here for you! 
  • I found an article I wanted to share with everyone. I was starting to feel like a human pacifier, and read this. It brought me to tears, I’m an emotional wreck all the time though.
  • @bellebaby221 They did have a concern but said there is no issue w/tongue tie but I wonder!

    @jgrodo Yes!!! Fed baby is the priority  <3

    @kenishi When I am at home and comfortable I do see a slow increase :) I have to remind myself to love my body during this whole process!

    My hubby took some feeding shifts so I could sleep and woohoo I pumped good this morning! Guess I did need a bit of sleep. Thank you all for the kindness and support. I am way too hard on myself  :'(

  • glitterbug6glitterbug6 member
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    Update: My do or die appt today went great! We still have to use the feeding tube but only after I offer both breasts first! This is tremendous news for me because I have struggled with milk production. They said I was the longest tube feeding case they've had in a while so I am proud that I didn't give up. I wanted to share this because it's been almost a month and although I am not exclusively breast feeding (yet) I am slowly heading that direction through willpower, herbal supplements, sleep  eating, and positive affirmations.

    My next appointment is in 2 weeks so hopefully more milk comes in by then and I can ebf <3 I am gonna keep trying!
  • Way to go @glitterbug6! Keep up the good work!
  • I don't know how I functioned before I got my hands free pumping bra. Seriously best $30 ever spent. 
  • @glitterbug6 yay!! Sounds promising!! 

  • @bellebaby221 Agreeeeee! I have two. I prefer the velcro one because it squeezes more milk out and I can wear a nursing bra with it
  • @glitterbug6 I got the clip and pump from Bravado. I love that it clips onto all my nursing bras and tanks. 
  • Does anyone else’s baby feed for only a few minutes at a time? My milk came in about day 3 or 4 and it came in hard, my breasts felt like cement basketballs on my chest and it was SO painful. After that I just leaked all over the place and baby boy was eating all the time for almost 20 minutes at a time. Then today at 9 days old he has only been feeding for a few minutes at a time and only every two hours, where before it was every hour or hour and a half. He chokes on the milk every time he feeds too, and then goes back for a couple more swallows before falling asleep.
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