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Combining weekly group check-ins

It was suggested that we might combine all the groups into one weekly check-in post. Does that work for everyone? 
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Re: Combining weekly group check-ins

  • Yep! There’s only 10 or so “active” people here now so having a group for each week seems a bit excessive 😊
  • Yeah, we're the only ones left so we might as well 😂 It'll be nice to know everyone from the other weeks!
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  • Yes it does!! It will be be better way to get to know everyone. 
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  • Hi, I'm still around on and off, and think this is a good idea.
  • i'm down for a joint group :smile:
    Me: 33 (no known issues)
    DH: 33 (lower motility; 0 morphology)
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    FET date: April 12, 2016 - DS born Dec 7, 2016
    IVF round 2: FET : Oct 4 - 1st Beta 188!

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  • Yeah!! :) I can stop creeping on the other boards to see how y’all are doing each week 😂
  • I agree! I think it will bring us together better. 
  •  :) sounds good 
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