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  • @jgrodo yes, I was 39w3d when he was born! Luckily (or not lol) the tea didn’t actually make me go to the bathroom. But, after the two times I drank it my mucus plug came out, big time. Might be coincidence, you never know. My water broke on Sunday and I had been going on short walks around the neighborhood and bouncing on an excercise ball. 

    Any news from your appt? Thinking of you!! 
  • @glitterbug6 happy to hear you are home!!! How are you feeling? I’m glad your MIL is coming! Mine came out too (last min decision) and I am sooo glad. 

    How are your sugars? Do you still have to monitor? 
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  • Ladies, here’s a question. I’m going into the hospital to be induced tonight at 1:15 am. They are planning on giving me Cervidil to help soften my cervix. Will I able able to sleep before they start the pitocin? 
  • @glitterbug6 that's great that you've been home and doing well!!! 🤞 Baby girl appt went well today! How long will they monitor you for? That's great that you have some help coming!
  • @kenishi hoping the tea and the acupuncture make a difference! I also added dates and have been walking a decent amount.  Nah,the doc said I could schedule induction for next week or could wait til next week at the follow up on my due date and still schedule for the same days so I figured waiting doesn't hurt (I hope at least) and hopefully he will just come this weekend! 🤞 He comes on Sunday- the doc we like the best is on call then! 
  • @nataliezbrungart I slept after pitocin. Maybe it was the magnesium drip but it took a couple of hours before I had to push.

    @kenishi I have a follow up on Monday for blood pressure but most likely will have to monitor for 6 weeks. They told me I could eat whatever I want!!! I had In n Out already  :p 
  • @glitterbug6 Thanks. They told me to sleep before coming in tonight, but I don’t think thats happening. 
  • Just a random craving. Anyone else crave a ton of sugar right now?
  • @nataliezbrungart thinking of you ❤️ 

    @glitterbug6 yeeeessss!!!! So glad you got your in & out. I’m so jealous! Hehe. 

    @jgrodo how you feeling? Any progress? I hope baby starts getting ready and you can deliver with your doctor! That would be such a comforting feeling to have the one you know and like there. 
  • @MrsCaliRN how you feeling lady? 
  • Here are my updates. They had me come in to be induced at 1 am this morning (2/16). My cervix was completely closed. The gave me 2 rounds of cervical softener, a Foley catheter, and started pitocin. Contractions were coming hard and fast and I dilated to 3 cm. They gave me some drugs around 1pm to get some sleep. I woke up a couple of hours later still having contractions, but they started to disappear. Around 6 pm I haven’t made any progress, so they have unhooked me from my iv and the fetal monitors. They said they wanted my body to reset since I haven’t made any progress. I got to eat food, walk around, and take a shower. They’re hooking me back up to all of my machines and starting the pitocin again around 9. We don’t think baby boy is making his debut until tomorrow, but we’ll see. 
  • So many people choosing to get induced!! 😧 Was just wondering if you all know the risks it can pose to your babies and why you chose it... https://www.verywellfamily.com/reasons-to-avoid-induction-of-labor-2758959 
  • @zencats I hear you on the sugar- you don’t want to know how many chocolate chip cookies I’ve eaten in the past 11 days! 
  • @kenishi thanks, I think I'm having some contractions but I'm not totally sure that's what they so I giesg nothing yet but staying hopeful for tomorrow! :) 

    @nataliezbrungart a break sounds good, hopefully baby boy will make his debut soon! 

    @zencats for me they are concerned about his size and don't think he will desend on his own also when you go past at a certain point your risks for other complications increase
  • zencatszencats member
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    @kcl283 Mmm chocolate chip cookies, was craving those yesterday too!
    Side note: Those frosted cookies ended up coming back up.🤮😪 

    @jgrodo  Aww I’m so sorry to hear that! I wonder how they know/ what makes them think certain babies won’t descend on their own? I thought that was just something every baby does at some point, but what would I know!? Well I hope everything goes as well as it possibly can go from now on!

    Wishing everyone luck and good birthing vibes for the rest of this month! 💗

  • @zencats thanks, I think or at least my understanding is that my OB thinks that if he doesn't have enough room then he won't desend. My sister in law never went into labor with my neice and my nephew who I think their body shape is similar. I know my SIL and are completely different and her experience wouldn't necessarily be related to mine, I'm  just guessing that her need for induction would be similar to what the reasoning for me is.
  • 39 weeks and 1day here. My last few appointments have been on Tuesdays, well this coming week my OB is on vacation. Perfect! And the other doctor didn’t have an opening until Thursday. I’m freaking out and want to be checked out before Thursday. Last Tuesday my cervix was thining and I was a fingertip dialated, I haven’t  lost my plug yet though. 
    Is anyone else experiencing The urge to pee constantly while laying down and not so much when sitting or moving around? I’ll go pee and come back to lay down and minutes later I feel the urge to go again.
  • Congratulations @nataliezbrungart!!! You are a champ - 32 hrs!!! Sending you all the healing wishes! 
  • @nataliezbrungart congrats! Hope you recovery is speedy! Great pic! 
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