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Childbirth Classes

Hi all, 

Apologies if there is another thread discussing this - just point me in the right direction!
Has anyone started taking birthing classes yet? I'm hoping to have a natural childbirth and my midwife suggested hypnobirthing. I'd love to hear from some STMs on what worked for you, or other FTMs who are just as scared as I am. 

Re: Childbirth Classes

  • FTM here and I am definitely super scared! I plan to have a natural birth as well and have done lots of research but have not yet taken a birthing class. I, too, would love to hear suggestions because I know that labor can be intense and want to have the tools needed to make it through without meds.
  • On another thread here it was mentioned that there were different methods of hypnobirthing so it would be worth looking into which ones are best suited to what your time commitments are and the outcomes you want. 

    There’s only one hypnobirthing class in my town so I’ve got no choice but to do that one but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it! I’m doing a hypnobirthing class on the 24th & 30th of March. 
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