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Slowing movements

I'm 22 weeks and felt the baby move regularly. The last 2 days the movements have been maybe one or 2 and not as strong.  I think this is normal but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this ?

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  • At 22 weeks, the fetus is flipping around a lot, so if they change position, you may suddenly not feel movement as much. Having said that, if you're really concerned (for example, if you felt very regular, strong movements before and suddenly it's a marked decrease), call your OB practice and ask for advice. Good luck!
  • I’ve found that my baby moves when she wants to. Mostly in the middle of the night and when I eat something sweet. I suggest counting kicks. There was an article on the bump about it not too long ago. That may give you some peace of mind. 
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  • Just be careful counting kicks this early. It’s not recommended to count kicks until 3rd trimester. 
  • mariajay06  - I just saw my ob yesterday and she was asking about movement. I'm 22 weeks today and I also have an anterior placenta. She said at this stage in pregnancy you should feel the baby but she wasn't as concerned with how often. She said just as long as I am starting to feel baby that's good. I would say any time you are hesitant it would still be worth a call to your ob for your peace of mind. It's not like they are going to tell you to not call back. That's what they are there for :smile:
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    At 22 weeks I went in and my OB asked about movement. I wasn't feeling much which turned out I had an anterior placenta. She told me as the baby grew the placenta would move and I'd be able to feel more kicks. Well fast forward to 23 weeks and on, baby is kicking up a storm. I'm 24w 3 Dy and everytime I sit still she's on the move.  If I rub my belly she slows down but as soon as I eat something she's back at it. So don't worry too much, my doctor told me I'd feel more after 22 weeks and boy was she right. 😁 You'll get there.
  • I was concerned about this today. 20 -21 weeks, i felt obvious movement. A couple of days ago and today (22 weeks) I noticed that I wasn’t feeling movements as strong as I was the weeks before. Still moving but not as strong and not as consistent but my OB isn’t concerned. I remember my Dr saying I had an anterior placenta in the beginning of my pregnancy but I thought it had already moved. 
  • Feeling the same but more like the movements themselves have changed. So at first I thought he'd slowed down but realised he's positioned differently and I think because of his growth/height the movement feels less jabby and more wiggly which is more subtle. 

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