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High risk mom support group

Hi ladies.
I’ve searched and didn’t see an active discussion for our high risk moms so I decided to try and start one.
If anyone is going through the stress and worries of results, complications,waiting for more information or even the possibility of loss I hope this can be a place to vent and meet others who may be going through the same issues.
Feel free to share your stories! 
I’ve just recently been placed under high risk after going to my anatomy scan. They couldn’t see my sons heart chambers and thought he might have half a heart.. I have an appointment scheduled with a major hospital for next month for a better ultrasound and evaluation and have been feeling a bit worried. I think it will be comforting to have a support group for our high risk. My apologies if there is already an active discussion for High risk somewhere, I would love to be directed.

Re: High risk mom support group

  • @knicolea25 I’m so glad that you started this. 

    As I said on the other thread, I’m so sorry that you’re struggling with worrisome results. While my reason for being high risk isn’t the same I can definitely relate to the waiting and worrying and uncertainty.

    My AS showed that I have a 2 vessel umbilical cord; while it could mean nothing, it could also mean some of the worst things.

    Since I found out I’ve been alternately weepy, dazed, and just generally dumpy.
    I am already inclined to worry and think about worst case scenarios, and the Internet hasn’t been helping.

    Even though there are many hopeful stories from women/babies who had 2 vessel cords, there are also some really heartbreaking and scary accounts. 

    I’m trying to stay off of google and stop searching - it only makes me feel worse. Some things that make me feel better - or at least distracted:

    Writing/journaling - I write 3 pages a day and allow myself to worry and vent and wail on how much I hate the uncertainty during that time. I do this all the time but it’s been really helpful since my uncertain results. 

    Going for walks - though the weather has been total crap

    Eating healthy - it feels like I have some semblance of control in this area, and though I’m not being really strict I’ve made sure to add more greens/more water 

    Praying and asking for prayers - also visualizing the healthy baby girl I will have in my arms. 

    I share these tools because I hope they’re helpful and also because I’d love to hear what other moms are doing to deal with the high risk in-between?
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    @raemy12345 Oh my! That is some tough news to take in. Google never helps. With my first pregnancy I remember using google for all my concerns and it only caused me to worry more. My goal this time around is to avoid it completely! lol! Did your scan show LO growing on track and healthy regardless of the 2 vessel cord? Walks help me too and I noticed LO settles down from kicking my bladder with them but the area I stay in can be shady and DH left for a month to another state for a work trip so it’s just my daughter and myself and I decided it would be safest for us to not walk around the area while he is gone. In the meantime listening to music is my guilty pleasure and watching cheesy reality shows at home. It takes my mind to a better place :)
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  • @knicolea25
    Yes the initial scan showed everything else on track, but I’m now waiting for my referral to be approved for an appointment for a “more thorough” AS. The wait is killing me - I likely won’t get that scan until the week after next. It sounds like you are playing the waiting game too - aaaaargh! We definitely need these tools.
    I like the idea of listening to music/watching cheesy shows. And I definitely get not wanting to walk in a dicey area - I’ve been driving to a nicer part of town and walking there! Lol
    Is DH still able to be a support system for you while away for work?

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