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February Randoms

Hi everyone who is still here!

Yay - we made it to February!! I noticed there hasn't been a lot of postings the last few days. I wanted to start a new thread for whatever anyone wants to talk about during these last few weeks!

How is everyone feeling? Any signs/symptoms?

Re: February Randoms

  • Any TTM+ out there want to share their delivery gestations (ie. How many weeks and days you delivered each of your LOs at)?

    Stupid prodromal labor has me on the edge of my seat but isn't going anywhere. I'm 37w6d today so it really could be anytime but my earliest LO came at 38w4d so I'm skeptical I'll have a baby in my arms for at least another week!

    Also, this app sucks. I havent been able to love-tit anyone's post for over a week and I'm feeling really annoyed. I even tried on my desktop, but nope.

    Me: 31
         DH: 34
    Married 11/09/2013
    LO#1: LMP 09/14/2014  BFP 10/15/2014  EDD 06/24/2015  DS Born 06/14/2015
    LO#2: LMP 09/18/2016  BFP 10/19/2016  EDD 06/27/2017 DD Born 06/27/2017
    LO#3: LMP 05/16/2018  BFP 06/18/2018  EDD 02/20/2019

  • @MrsCaliRN This app always freezes  ;)

    FTM with 2 more weeks to go and I am still working this week so we will see! Read that baby can come anytime btwn now and 41 weeks . Managing the GD but can't wait to eat In n Out (there is one across from the hospital). <3

    So excited for our month, ladies!!!
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  • Hello ladies! Im still suffering from terrible rib pain. @MrsCaliRN I think I'm too suffering from prodromal labor. I've been having menstraul cramps/painful Braxton hicks since this weekend.  37 weeks tomorrow. I have an appt today, may get checked to see of anything is coming of these pains.
  • STM, my first was 39 weeks exactly.  Currently I’m two days away from 39 weeks and still pregnant.
  • Hey ladies! 38 weeks. I'm thinking this lo will end up being evicted. Has anyone tried accupuncture or massage to induce labor?
  • Hi everyone! I can’t believe I still have two weeks!  The doctor did make it sound like he might come early though and she said he would be on the smaller side (high 6s/ low 7s) so I’m hopeful that means that I won’t tear. I have an appointment on Thursday and it will be my first one where they can check if I am dilated or not so I’m excited for that, especially because I’ve been having low cramping and sharp pain in my lower uterus/ vaginal area where I normally did with period cramping. I think that could mean he’s dropping!
  • My kids all stayed put until my scheduled c/s. Twins were 38w2d, youngest DS was 39w4d and DD came last week at 39w3d.

    I'm settling into life as a mom of 4. Been a crazy week. DD was readmitted 2 days after we went home to spend the night under the blue lights to get her bilirubin down. She's doing great now. Just trying to figure out what our new normal is!
  • Sounds like everyone is getting so close!

    @MrsCaliRN the app is literally the worst!

    I'm 38w 4 days today and also FTM. I lost my mucus plug on Saturday (totally sent a picture of it to the doula just to check) and I think things are progressing? I can't really tell. I've been pretty crampy on and off since then and yesterday and today I've had some serious low back ache/pains! Last week they said baby is sitting very low, I was 1 cm dilated and 75% effaced. I get checked again on Thursday and the doctor said if things keep moving she'll strip my membranes on the 12th if I haven't gone into labor on my own by then.

    So many emotions all at once!

  • @kenishi that's exciting! Good luck on thursday! @bellebaby221 glad she's doing better now! 

    I'm getting checked tomorrow.
  • @bellebaby221 I’m glad to hear that your DD is doing better!! How are you feeling??
  • @kenishi pretty good actually. Got my incision checked today and it looked great. Just getting used to lack of sleep again!
  • ALso getting used to the new norm. Going from 1 child to 3 is tough but luckily the babies are good sleepers and DD is so good with them. I already miss going out when I need to. I havent been brave enough to take both the twins out. Hope everyone is doing well!
  • TTM here, delivered right on my initial due date with the first, was 36 weeks with the second and the third was 38 weeks and 2 days. @MrsCaliRN I don't think that helps! Also getting used to lack of sleep here. 
  • glitterbug6glitterbug6 member
    edited February 2019
    Hope everyone had a good day!  :)

    Well my checkup today was a bit stressful. Blood pressure was high so they did a nst which was fine but then they found protein in my urine. So now I am doing the 24hr urine test. I hope I don't get induced and my baby girl just shows up since I have less than 2 weeks to go <3
  • @glitterbug6 same here!! My check up this morning showed I haven't made as much progress as I'd hoped since last week. My blood pressure is slightly high and my feet/legs showed swelling, so they sent me to get the pre-e lab work done as a precaution. My NST is tomorrow, so hopefully all that looks good. It is scary though!

    My midwife did a small sweep of my membranes today (btw, ouch!!) to try and get more contractions going. She is still planning on doing the regular sweep next Tuesday but is going to look at the hospital's induction calendar and call me this afternoon to make a "just in case" appointment. I'm hoping this little guy gets the hint and just makes his debut on his own!

  • @kenishi Totally hoping our babies make their appearance on their own <3
  • @glitterbug6 me too! The protein in my urine was borderline so now I am doing the 24 hour urine test too. Officially scheduled for induction next week unless the urine test comes back abnormal or little guy makes his debut on his own 
  • @nataliezbrungart You look great! Cute nursery and happy due date!!

    @glitterbug6 Yay! hope everything goes well!
  • @glitterbug6 Oh my god! Good luck!!!!!!
  • @nataliezbrungart I adore that nursery! I love dinosaurs. That triceratops is too cute!!
  • Good luck ladies! My little one is now 2
    5 weeks old...i finally understand the sleep while you can thing i heard so much during pregnancy!  :D
  • @nataliezbrungart we have the same dinosaur pattern! 
  • Last night when I wiped there was mucus that was pinkish in color, does anyone know if this means I’m going into labor really soon or could it still be a few weeks?? I’ve looked it up and it says bloody show usually means labor is imminent usually within 24 hours but there wasn’t blood, it was a very small amount of mucus and it was just pink tinted like it contained the tiniest amount of blood.
  • @zencats I lost a little mucus that was slightly tinted in color last weekend and we got excited and nothing happened :( 

    I ended up losing a whole lot more mucus last night and it was brownish blood in color. Our doula thought labor might have kickstarted last night but so far, nothing. 

    Hope something happens for you! 
  • @kenishi That’s good to know, thank you! I ended up calling a midwife to see what they said and they said it doesn’t necessarily mean labor will happen right away... thanks internet!! It got me all excited and labor is probably still weeks away haha. We will see, since I’m about 38.5 weeks now
  • @kenishi Also, good luck to you too!
  • @nataliezbrungart your nursery is a adorable!

    @glitterbug6 congrats! Hope you are both doing well!

    @sarahsaurus-2 congrats on your LO! Hope you are both dpdoi well!

    @kenishi and @zencats goodluck, hopefully LO will come soon.

    Still waiting it out, find out about induction date tomorrow
  • Thank you, all! High hopes of being discharged today after being here since Friday morning. They are monitoring my platelets and blood pressure still from the late preeclampsia diagnosis<3 The first 2 days are rough but worth it. I am typing this after my first good breastfeeding session. No milk yet for me but she is learning to latch after 2 days of tears from her and me :p Everyone here at the hospital has been great and hubby has stepped up while I have been hooked up to iv's, a catheter, and monitors unable to move. Most of the wires are out and I am walking slowly (why don't they tell you about that?) because of labor, 2nd degree tear,  and meds (damn that magnesium). Seriously have a new appreciation to every woman who has given birth  <3 Baby girl is amazing and worth it!
  • @kenishi congrats on your little boy!!! How are you both doing? So exciting!!!
  • @glitterbug6 yay for a good breastfeeding session! How are you feeling? Have you been discharged?
  • @jgrodo & @glitterbug6 thank you!! We are home and doing well!! I wish i had read up more in c-section care just in case but oh well, we are learning as we go!

    @jgrodo any news on induction date?

    @glitterbug6 are you home? How are you feeling?
  • @nataliezbrungart any baby update?
    You’ve got to be getting close or already delivered. Good luck!!
  • @kenishi that's great! What a great way to celebrate Valentine's day :)  Are you able to move around well? It must feel so good to be home with your Lil munchkin!  Ugh, sadly no I am now even more confused. OB had rec not going past due date bc of baby size but at last appointment she said well no progress we could schedule an induction but that could mean 48-72 he's of labor and then a C-section. I already think they were off on the due date by 2 weeks and he consistently measured 6 days ahead bit they never changed EDD. I don't know what to do but head back to doc tomorrow.
  • @oftcfo No baby yet. He’s apparently very cozy right where his is. I’ll be 41 weeks tomorrow. I have my induction scheduled Saturday at midnight. It’s exciting and scary, but I can’t wait to meet him! 
  • @jgrodo I totally understand that frustration we always measured at least one week early too and they never did change the due date either. Even when I was in labor, they were saying 7.5 lb ish and then he was 8lb 12oz when born, so it was way off! Have you tried anything to help get your body going? Not going to lie, I tried a couple things when I was getting inpatient. I drank the tea, but mostly went on short walks around the neighborhood. 

    Im moving okay! Getting up and back down is the hardest for me but once I get moving it’s easy to keep moving. The recliner is my best friend for that reason. 

    The OB called and my iron levels have gotten so low I have to go back in sometime to get an IV of iron and they said that will help with the healing too. 

    Thinking of you!! Hopefully your little one will just get the hint and get on moving! 
  • @kenishi did you end up having. Him before your due date? I started the tea today, my hubs thinks I might have over done the tea today hehe. I've been walking. I tried dates and pineapple and I did acipacupunc on the other day.

    That's great that the recliner is helpful!
    Oh no! That's stinks about the iron, hopefully they will be able to get it sorted out quickly. I can only imagine that that would add the new parent exhaustion!

    Thanks 🤞 tomorrow goes better then Tuesday did! 
  • @jgrodo Home since late Monday! Still monitoring my blood pressure and baby girl is going back to the lab tomorrow to see if we got rid of the mild jaundice (which I think we did because she's been eating a lot)! 

    So before birth I told the relatives that we didn't need help right away and to give us time to figure things out. Well, hubby and I broke and his mom is coming tomorrow :p Woohoo FTM still learning and accepting help is okay <3

    Can't wait to hear more birth announcements!
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