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Daycare visits...Is my stepmom overstepping?

My stepmom has never had children of her own.  She's really tried to step into a grandparent role and my 2 year old son loves her.  They have a great relationship and we see her and my dad often.  Recently my stepmom has started asking to go visit him at his daycare center.  The center encourages parent involvement (grandparents too), but it is very uncommon for grandparents to visit.  It seems like seeing him outside of daycare is plenty, and the desire to go visit his center is over stepping.   Am I overreacting, or does this seem strange to anyone else?  

Re: Daycare visits...Is my stepmom overstepping?

  • Does your son want to see her at daycare?  When I stop in during the middle of the day I usually get “Mommy, why you here?”  Lol. Maybe you could Comorans have her pick him up occupied if you’re not comfortable having her visit during the day. 
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