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How Long To Receive 10% Gonal-F Rebate?

Can anyone tell me how long it took for them to receive the 10% Gonal-F Rebate from the time the form was mailed out?

Re: How Long To Receive 10% Gonal-F Rebate?

  • Can your pharmacy just apply for the rebate themselves or on your behalf and give you the discount right away? That's how my pharmacy did it -- we went through Freedom Fertility and SMP Pharmacy for our cycles. 
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  • ispiispi
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    My pharmacy already had a rebate and the gonal f rebate was rejected.
  • ah80ah80
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    @hopefulhusband I would love to know too! I sent in a request in November. I didn't hear back and called in December. They said they never received anything - super convenient when I've sent all my ORIGINALS as directed.  They said I could send a copy and it was rejected as insufficient proof of purchase. The copy was a photo I took on my phone, so it wasn't the best quality.  I tried again with my January purchases about two weeks ago and I'm still waiting. Rebates are such a scam. I will be surprised if it actually works.  
  • @ah80 when the copy was rejected, how were you notified and how long did the response take?  We have been waiting since October.
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