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TTC after 35

Newbie/Oldie :) Looking for Advice (warning loss mentioned)

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Hello- Please be kind and have patience with me lol. Looking thru all of the boards I am overwhelmed. I have been out the TTC scene for awhile now. I had a traumatic pregnancy loss when I was younger and are now TTC again for about 5 months now. It has been 8 years and there is so much more information and technology out it seems. Tracking my cycles and my fertile days seems like a good place to start. I am looking for a fertility tracker / monitor, my periods have not been normal cycles for about 6 months now. They go from 28 days to now 42 days. I read something about Mira fertility tracker and the Ava bracelet? Any advice is appreciated.

Re: Newbie/Oldie :) Looking for Advice (warning loss mentioned)

  • Welcome.  I don’t know either of those.  I have read about Ava bracelet but not used it.  
  • Hi there.  I just use a BBT (basal body thermometer) and an app on my phone (Fertility Friend) to track my cycles.  That, combined with OPKs, gives me an accurate time for ovulation.

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    Also, this board seems really slow lately...check out the Trying To Get Pregnant board if you're interested, it's way busier!

  • Thank you for the feedback ladies :) I am looking into OPKs, at first I had no idea what that stood for but I figured it out lol what OPK do you use?
  • I use Clearblue advanced.  I like them and they are easy to read 
  • Thank you I am looking into those now actually. I was thinking the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, I think its the same thing really but it tells you when to test and you place the stick into the little machine and it charts it for you and saves 6 months worth of cycles in the data. 
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