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  • @hestia14 I think when you are in middle school and up and actually choose want you want to be in is a bit different. Preschool and elementary school kids that have 3+ extra curricular activities is insane to me. 

    I've also noticed the extrovert "shaming" trend and I don't get it.

    @Happyin14 enjoy your day!! 

  • @mama_bear19 those kind of spots make me uncomfortable. I don't know why but they do. I've never used one and refuse to. 

  • @hestia14 I am not an extrovert really - mainly because all my "performance" energy is used up on my students, but in small groups of people I am often the center of attention. Maybe a small group extrovert? I wish I was more outgoing and could get out there and be with/meet people. 

    @Bear14+ like them mama! There are so many things I keep hoping people will ask because I would love to dish! I have to sort of stretch my mind to put up stuff in the dirty thread. I haven't done a lot, but more than "normal" I guess. And compared to some of the people I've been with I am VERY vanilla. 
  • @nopegoat I think I used one of those spots once or twice with my first towards the end of the 3rd trimester . I think mostly because I could and I felt terrible.   Those spots made me uncomfortable up until the point in pregnancy when I was ready for baby to come so I could be done being pregnant. 🤣
  • @nopegoat my three year old has a dance teacher that comes to her school once a week. I pay extra for the class, but it means it’s one less night of shuffling her around after school/work. (We do gymnastics already at night). It’s a total win-win for us because she loves it and I just have to worry about attending two recitals a year. 
  • @indulgentgypsy That's totally possible! I took a communication theory course in college where we took a personality quiz that ranked our comfort in four different social settings, ranging from a small group of people you've known for a long time to onstage in front of a crowd of strangers. You might rank high in one type of social setting but low in another.
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    @indulgentgypsy I've been with my H since I was 16 so he's been my only real encounter, though I did mess around a little bit before him. So I'm definitely more vanilla than most. But we are both quite sexual individuals and have had a lot of experimenting with each other and figuring out what we do and don't like. It's been hard for me to come up with a bunch of things because of that too. 

  • @nopegoat I've been with my DH for 19 years now, and while I was not celibate before him I was not really "sought after" by anyone so I had a few flings, friends with benefits, a one night stand, and one or two "serious" boyfriends (for about 6 weeks each). Pretty much all of my experimenting has been with DH. A lot of that has been in the last year or 2. 
  • I had taco bell at 9am this morning. It would have been 8:30, but I now know they don't start serving lunch until 9 :#

    @nopegoat I also am a homebody and don't plan on extracurriculars until my kids are older (currently 2 years and in utero haha). I like the idea of letting kids be bored/use their imagination and not trying to fill up all hours of their days. 
  • @indulgentgypsy and @nopegoat I've been with DH 15 years and we too have done all of our exploring together. I could count the number of times I had sex on one hand before I met him. Throughout our relationship we have explored interests and links together and it has led us to some wonderful times! I wouldn't change a thing! The ability to be open and free is wonderful!

    That being said, I agree that I'd love to dish more. Not so much for the "like me" aspect, but I want to be genuine. I'm a very sexual person who will do anything at least once, but the conaervative nature of my career keeps me from being authentic. I can only wear my nose ring on the weekend for crying out loud!
  • @Happyin14 Have a good day off! I too took the day off, but DD got a fever of 103... so I’m spending my day taking care of a sick baby. 

    My FFFC is I want to just plop my baby in her crib and let her cry until she falls asleep because mama is tired too. I just want a nap. But I won’t do it because I know when DH gets home, he gets baby duty. 
  • When I am big and round I am ALL about the expectant mother parking spots! 100% I am parking there lol. And after too when baby is newborn to a year even.
  • @cindler - I feel like I don't dish more because I want people to like me and quite frankly I don't trust a lot of people. 
    Add to that teacher contracts all have a "morality" clause and I can be fired for being too "me".  I would love to talk more with people have had some similar experiences if for no other reason that I often feel alone in those experiences. 
  • @mama_bear19 ;@canuckmomma ;I love the spots that are for parents with small kids - lord knows I used them when M was super teeny and I didn't want to carry him far through the cold before getting into the building. Will totally use again when this baby rolls around. I wish more places had them, except I know folks would think, my five year old is little enough to use this space, and ruin it for those that need it.

    @nopegoat I'm not sure how I feel about extra curricular activities. I definitely want my kids to have some kinda of activity, but three or four... yeah, no, especially not with DH traveling out of country for work and the shuffling falling on me. There is a karate place near our house that offers pickup from school directly to the center that I may consider once they are in elementary.

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  • @cbeanz lol :) Thank you! I like you all too :)
  • @indulgentgypsy from the first time you said fuck in an otherwise innocent environment, I knew you were my people! 

    Is there a way to private message people here?
  • @cindler - you can only PM from the full website, not the mobile app. Kind of sucks. And I'm glad I let that fuck fly :)
  • How can there be such an inadequate app in this day and age?
  • Oh damn.  Just got on the full site.  I have 250 notifications.  I kinda feel popular! lol
  • For reals. If you are on FB and want to find me there, I'm fine with it. 

    email if you want to "preconnect" is indulgentgypsy @ gmail . com
  • My FFFC is that I refuse to take prenatal vitamins. I tried everything to continue taking them with my first pregnancy and I gave up. I took them for the first couple of weeks this time, but nope. They make me feel sick, and I'm done trying.
  • @foodislove I have taken advantage of toddler spots! I guess I feel less weird about that than pregnancy spots. I guess it doesn’t really make any sense. Oh well...
  • I'm being a whiny bitter bitch and I can't help it. Our neighbors, the one with the sucky awkward wife, thought he was going to lose his job so he started downsizing his "toys". Extra cars, bikes, etc. One these toys was a suped up Mustang. He ended up bartering with H. H would re-side the neighbors house (neighbor would provide all materials) and in return would sign over the car free to us and clear.

    H is great with his hands, has done the job before, and knew he could get the job done in a weekend so he accepted. I mean it really was a great deal especially since we needed a new vehicle for H badly since he's been driving my 1986 F150 with no heat or air conditioning with a 45+minute commute. 

    But... BIG but... 

    I hate that effing car with every ounce of my being. It's so incredibly impractical for us. It's lowered so he has to take the long way home so he doesn't eff it up over the railroad tracks. We can't sell it without looking like assholes. And most of all he can't stop at the feed store because the heavy feed will make it even lower and he'll scuff the bottom and because there's no way he can fit hay in there.

    I completely forgot about the feed store part, got home from picking up the boys, changed into comfortable clothes, started dinner, and sent him a reminder to stop at the feed store.

    Totally threw a complete temper tantrum bitch fest including telling him what a worthless piece of shit the car is because I had to stop making dinner, get dressed again, load the boys back up, go to the feed store, and then unload at all the feed by myself.

    Yep. An ungrateful, whiny bitch. 

  • @jenniferjoy37 I'd say I would be totally justified if he actually bought it.. Still mad though lol!

    @indulgentgypsy you've got a pm! 

  • I’m an extrovert and kind of have to be for my job. Which is sometimes exhausting. I’m also slow to get personal because I have a somewhat high profile job and am super googleable. And would join a FB group eventually but usually take a while. 
  • My confession is that I am completely, 100% checked out of work. I went back to VA for a week to work out of our HQ and my ass of a boss was such a dick the whole time. He was so rude and awful, at one point I didn't eat all day because I was so sick over the way he was acting it made my stomach hurt. You know that anxiety feeling that makes you have no appetite?  He even tried to tell me I need to become a contractor and give up my benefits when I told him I was pregnant.  I hope he fires me. I can't wait to take him to court. What a vile prick. 
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 Oh girl, that is soooo incredibly though. I’m so sorry he’s such a dick. That’s not acceptable at all. Can you complain to HR? Or at this point, it’s just wait to get fired and then the stress of that? What’re your options? I feel like I’m kinda going through that too at work, but it’s my coworkers and not my boss. 
  • @jenniferjoy37, HR is well aware of the situation. The problem is that he is the owner and CEO....where would punishment even come from? All I can do is continue to document our interactions and wait to see what happens. Part of me hopes he fires me. I will stay home the remainder of my pregnancy and sue him. 
    Momma to Amelia Marie (7/14) and Austin Samuel (11/17). Adding baby (girl) #3 on 7/21  <3
  • @ameliabedelia-2 That's terrible, I'm so sorry you're dealing with that now of all times. 
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 keep telling HR via email. Even if they don't do anything, you'll have record of your attempts to have the issues addressed.
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