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2nd Trimester

Anyone not feel any different ?

This is my first pregnancy, 15 weeks in and besides the fatigue I had last trimester, I don’t feel any different at all! I guess I’m lucky but it also worries me then too. Anyone else have a symptom free pregnancy ? 

Re: Anyone not feel any different ?

  • I’d try to enjoy it as much as you can. I had almost no symptoms until 13 weeks, when I started having acid reflux so bad that I couldn’t even hold down water and threw up every time I ate. Every pregnancy is different, symptoms don’t necessarily mean a healthy pregnancy and vice versa. 
  • My pregnancies have all been fairly easy as well. This is my third pregnancy and I've never really experienced more than slight nausea in the beginning. I'm 18 weeks now and definitely feeling more pregnant, but the only major issues I've had are varicose veins, hemorrhoids, sleeplessness, and some aches in my back. We are the fortunate ones for sure!
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