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hello! I'm new here. I looked at the board for a "read here" post but didn't see one. 

Im hoping to just find some people to go through this TTTC with me. I'm snarky. I swear. I love mac and cheese. My in-laws drive me nuts sometimes. 

Im feeling really really alone lately. So this is me reaching out I suppose (insert awkward smile here)
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  • @hannahlce I don't really "go here" anymore, but before getting pregnant I used to post on both Trying to get Pregnant and Trouble TTC. This board doesn't get much traffic. TTGP is more active than T-TTC and there's tons of snark there! Just make sure to intro on the weekly intro thread and not post a separate intro. But on T-TTC you can post a separate intro like you did here. (T-TTC is for if you're having issues TTC though, like a diagnosis or advanced maternal age or it's just taking a long long time!)

    Just didn't want you to get ignored after reaching out!
    Me: 29 || DH: 29
    TTC #1 4/2016 || dx NIR PCOS 7/2016 || BFP 4/2017
    DD - 12/28/17 <3

    TTC #2 3/2019
    BFP 5/2019 || MC - D&C 5/2019
    BFP 2/2020 || EDD 10/10/2020
  • Hi!  I’m new here as well and joined these message boards Bc I “was feeling lonely” as well.  My close friends and family just don’t understand what I’m going through. 
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