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  • Salutations!
    This is my first baby, and my EDD is 4/21.  My boyfriend and I had planned on starting a family in the next few years, but this pregnancy was a happy surprise!  
    I am a fairly anxious person so even lurking on these message boards until I was allowed to post has been a comfort already!  
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    Hi! I’m Candace, and I’m 14wks pregnant with my 3rd baby! Super excited to be a mom of 3! We’re due 4/17/19!
  • Hi everyone! I’m a first timer, so I’m terrified and amazed by everything so far and happy to have support. (Actually I’ve been lurking for a few weeks but finally decided to start posting). Due 4/25!
  • My EDD is April 21st. I have a 2 year old daughter and my husband and I found out that this baby will be a boy and is our second but final child. Due to conditions out of my control I will have the baby via c section at 39 weeks. I’m excited for us all for this little man and the hardest thing atm is picking a name 
  • Hello everyone!
    This is babe #3 for me, I have a 2.5 yr old (I was semi regular on his BMB) and a 6 year old.
    I've lurked for many weeks now as I was unsure how this pregnancy would turn has been a bumpy and emotional ride up until now. Happy to be here and ready to get to know everyone!
    Happy and healthy pregnancy wishes all around! EDD is 4/14/19
  • Hey all! 
    STM, another girl 💕 I’m 36, live in Cali, my oldest will be 3 at the end of November. 

    The beginning of this one was rough, finally in second trimester! Yay! 

    excited to get to know you ladies!
  • Hello ladies! First time mom here. Super nervous but also very excited to meet my little one! My EDD is April 14, currently 15 wks 5 days, got my BFP at 6 wks and a day. Can't wait to get to know you all, and wishing everyone a happy and healthy pregnancy!  o:) 
    Hooray for our April babies! 
  • Hello hello. I am a mom to a little boy who just turned one on the 1st! I am due April 19th according to last period. Trying to hold off on what we are having - so hard for me! We are excited to welcome a baby into our family and see our son become a brother. Excited to see how other April moms are experiencing their pregnany! 
  • Hey all! I am due April 3, making me 18 weeks and 4 days today. This is our second little one. I’m moving over from another app because I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of this app from my last pregnancy... :smiley:
  • Hi! EDD April 16.  This will be baby number 3. I have a 5 y/o daughter and 2.5 y/o son.  Each one of my babies are rainbow babies.  
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    Hi Everyone! EDD is April 17th with baby boy number 2! We are so excited and can't wait until he gets here! :smile:
  • My EDD is April 4. I have a 2yo son and we’re team green again for this little munchkin. I’m still waiting for another week until I get to see the ultrasound. 
  • Hi ladies.  I'm a bit late to the game.  I am 18 weeks and 3 days.  Due April 29th. I have a wonderful 9 year old step son who lives with us and I am mom to.  and an amazing husband!  We are so excited!  This will be my first born.  Also I have been type 1 diabetic for 22 years.  
  • Hey there ladies! Congratulations to you all! Its so cool to see how many of us are going through this together. I found out I was pregnant August 3rd, with an at home pregnancy test. It's been a crazy fun journey so far. I'm a FTM, so this is a whole new world to me. My EDD is April 11th, 2019. Due to some healthy issues, my pregnancy is considered high risk but so far everything has been going beautifully. Both baby and me are extremely healthy. Its been rough learning to take things easy so I can get me and my little one through this whole thing safely. I found out on thanksgiving that I am having a beautiful baby girl. I'm so excited to be going through this with you lovely women, I look forward to getting to know you guys.

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  • I am really late to this discussion. EDD April 13. First baby for me and my man. Excited but nervous.
  • Hello from Baltimore! I am due 4/20 and have a 2.5 year old little boy. Baby this time around is a girl! 
  • Hello , I'm Labreya .
    25 , Carrying a baby Boy . Due April 22,2019
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    EDD is 4/1 and have been lurking since the beginning.  On team green and have a son who will be 6.5 years older than this kiddo.
  • Re-introing since it's been forever since I posted!!

    2nd time mom - Due April 28 (pushed back from April 27. No big deal but what do I know...)

    1 DD who turned 2 last month.

    Team blue this time around.

    From Ontario, Canada  

    No problems so far this pregnancy but sort of waiting for my bp to spike. Was around 6 months that it happened with DD. Ended up with an induction at 37 weeks. Time will tell!
  • Hello all! I know I'm late to the introduction party, but after miscarrying in early June I've been very private about this pregnancy.

    I'm currently due April 15th with our first boy. First child is an almost 3 year old jumping bean of a little girl. If he stays breech, it will mean another c section
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    Is it to late to introduce myself? I'm due April 10th with a girl! This is a rainbow baby so I spent the first half of my pregnancy holding my breath. Now that I am in my third trimester I feel like I can relax and breath! I'm a ftm and the wait is killing me so I'm looking for ways to kill the time and thought chatting with other ladies going through what I am would help! 
  • Hi, ladies! My EDD is April 4th, which is funny because it's the day after my birthday. This baby is going to be one heck of a birthday present lol.  I'm happily married and have a little girl who will be turning 3 in June! I kind of stumbled upon this group a little bit late into this pregnancy, but I'm glad I found it! I've never been part of a pregnancy board before, so I'm excited to interact with you all! 
  • @azpuruas mine is due on my birthday too. 😂 It will be interesting to see if he’s my birthday present or if he comes earlier like his sister. 
    Pregnancy TickerMarried 7/28/12
    Angel 6/7/16
    Rainbow (DD) 4/9/17
  • @azpuruas @HGRich same boat. I'm due the day before my birthday, which is actually the same due date that my mom had with me. I also share my birthday with my MIL so I'm really hoping he gets his own birthday. 
  • @HGRich @jlklec19 I'm glad I'm not the only one lol. My original DD was 4/14, but they pushed it back at my last appointment. We were kind of hoping she (this one is a girl, if I didn't mention before) would come on the 13th because DD1 was born on June 13th, my DH was born on August 13th, and our wedding anniversary is December 13th. We thought it would be really cool to keep that pattern going. And my parents' wedding anniversary is 4/6, so there's just a ton going on that month. I'm really hoping she doesn't decide to come on my birthday or my parents' wedding anniversary so she can have her own special day, but I know she's going to come whenever she decides to. No use worrying about it since I have no control over that lol
  • Hello everyone,

    I have mostly been lurking, but now that I'm in my third trimester I feel more confident being a part of the group. DH and I have been through a few losses and it has been challenging to wrap my head and heart around the fact that it is really real this time! EDD is 4/12 and we are having a little girl. We have had a couple of bumps in the road (frightening recurring SCH throughout first trimester, HG/weight loss until 16 weeks and placenta previa which seems to be moving!) But overall everything is going well now and we are so happy!
  • Hi all! I'm super late to the intro game because I honestly didn't even realize this group was here until someone on a Facebook group mentioned The Bump had birth month groups, lol. I'd be using the app just for reading interesting updates and articles. 

    I'm Hannah! I'm 25 and my husband and I are expecting our first baby, a girl, on/around April 21 (I'm convinced she'll be late based on the personality she's already showing from inside me lol). It took us about 15 months to conceive, so we're super excited but of course, super super nervous as neither of us has been a parent before and we still kind of feel like we don't know what we're doing with life. We're both actors and teachers (he's the technical director (builds sets and runs lights, sound, props, etc for shows) for a college around here, I work as a teaching artist to make theatre accessible to people who have special needs) so our life is a little crazy and our budget is a little tight, but we're happy and ready to bring baby girl into the world. :) 

     I'm excited for this new, insane roller coaster I'm about to take off on and happy to be here getting to share/experience it with all of you! 
  • Hi everyone! I’m a bit late to the introductions here. My EDD is April 21 and this will be my third little one, but my first baby boy! My other two are 2 and 6. My second was conceived through IVF after going through unexplained secondary infertility, but somehow we were able to conceive naturally with this pregnancy. As for me, I’m an RN and I’m currently working per diem in urgent care. I look forward to getting to know all of you in these few short months we have left! 

    Me: 24 & DH: 26
    DD born 8/2/2012
    Chorioamnionitis and birth injury
    Married on March 15, 2014

    TFAS since April 2014

  • Hi everyone! This is my first pregnancy, so I'm trying out all the different community boards. I'll admit the app is not my favorite (out of Baby Center, Ovia, What To Expect, and this one) but it looks like the community is pretty active! Looking forward to getting to know everyone.
    Me: 31
    H: 34
    BFP 8/16/19
    EDD April 2019
  • @mkimm88 you're most likely due April 2020, not 2019 as that has come and gone and we have all had our babies already.  
    Me: 31
    H: 36
    L & N twin girls: 3yo. Born at 30 weeks. 2 month NICU stay
    BFP Aug 2018: EDD April 2019
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