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  • @highsteaks you aren’t being a crybaby! Your time is precious. I would be upset too 
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  • I’m so emotional tonight. My son pointed out that James will be 3 weeks on thanksgiving and I started tearing up at how fast it is going by. Then my daughter was having a tough time at bedtime (I was cuddling her but James is cluster feeding so he was attached to me too - so our usual bedtime routine is off right now) and I started tearing up. So many feelings over here! 
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  • runwmusicrunwmusic member
    edited November 2018
    Pecan pie is my favorite <3 yummmn

    Had my 40w apt early yesterday because my due date is Thanksgiving and Dr is closed tomorrow. growth scan is showing 8lb 6oz so my doctor no longer wants to let me go to 42 weeks before inducing. I'm so surprised LO is at the 88th percentile and really hoping baby decides to come on his own before next Thursday because I'm nervous to be induced! I'm determined to walk him out on the treadmill!!! Wishing it wasn't winter so I could take the dog for a walk instead but it is what it is.
  • @ftm_jen good luck! I bounced on an exercise ball so much the four days before my scheduled induction to try to get her out on my own my whole undercarriage was sore like I rode a bike for the first time in years. I also ate so much spicy food that I thought I was going to turn into a jalapeño. We didn’t try sex but you may have luck with it, three of my girlfriends said it worked for them (1 around due date, 2 were a week past) and my OB, and the OB that discharged me after my first failed foley attempt said to do it. Luckily your LO isn’t measuring too big so if you do get induced, I’m hoping it goes well for you. Hopefully there’s room in you belly for all the yummy Thanksgiving food! 
  • @booksandcoffee I feel you on the emotions! Ds1 has been having to make sacrifices with mommy time and it kills me. 
  • @booksandcoffee I feel you on the emotions! Ds1 has been having to make sacrifices with mommy time and it kills me. 
    it just breaks my heart. Definitely the hardest part so far. 
  • @booksandcoffee it is SO tough balancing quality time with my oldest and the babies. i can’t wait until these girls are old enough for life to be easy again, but i also know that i’ll miss these newborn days immensely when they’re gone. it’s such a weird mix of emotions.

    @ftm_jen eek! so excited for all the mamas expecting soon! good luck getting labor going!
  • It's due date day!!! Celebrating by buying a lillebaby all season baby carrier on Amazon for 40% off. Hopefully I like it! I forget who recommended the brand for short torso. 

    LILLEbaby SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby – The COMPLETE All Seasons (Stone) https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00KC4VPNU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_AUQ9Bb65K26G6

  • @ftm_jen You will LOVE your Lillebaby! I don't have one, but I borrowed one when I was looking for an SSC. I wanted it so bad, but someone gifted me an Ergo. I love it too, but the Lillebaby is more comfortable. 
  • M was up screaming all night. I'm not ready for this day. I broke out my giant mug for coffee in the hopes it would help. 
  • @wildrainbow hang in there, mama. it will not last forever. indulge in all the caffeine you need!
  • kbyahnkbyahn member
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    Due date is today! Had my doc appt this morning though and my cervix is "not favorable" and baby is still pretty high... *sigh* We scheduled induction for next Monday morning but I am crossing my fingers & toes that baby decides she's gonna get to work this week and make her way down. Anybody have induction vs spontaneous labor comparisons? Induction feels so "forced" to me, Im not sure what to think about it.... 
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  • In pretty much the same boat as you @kbyahn although my appointment is today. I have no comparisons for you, both DD1 and DD2 were induced. I can say I've had plenty of BH, prodromal labor, etc. In other news my chiropractor appointment yesterday did a good job encouraging LO into a better position. I'm certain the midwife today will recommend induction, just having a hard time "picking what day the baby should be born" if you know what I mean. 

    Had a bizarre incident yesterday where I started gagging on dinner, ran to the bathroom, and had trouble discerning if I'd peed myself or if it was my water breaking. I've been using Bloomlife to monitor contractions and such so I sat with that for awhile and called the doctor. I didn't continue leaking, so I guess it was pee, but it did seem awfully clear for it. Baby's been slow moving today so I'm hoping to see that she's okay today.
  • @hollyeva thinking of you! hope you have a great appointment today.
  • @kbyahn how big is your baby measuring? I’m a FTM so I only can speak of my one and only experience but on my due date, my baby was high, I was 50% thinned but I was only dilated to just about a centimeter. The baby was predicted to be about 9 pounds at the appointment on my due date. Is your doctor recommending the induction to be straight up medicinal or will they insert a foley balloon to try to open you up to try to kickstart it? Mine had me do the ballon
    at 40+1, which opened me up but I closed up after they took it out after the max 12 hours. I had the option of going home to wait a few more days, starting drugs to try to induce medicinally, or having a c section (in that order of recommendation). Since I wasn’t itching to get her out and was comfortable staying pregnant, I opted to wait until she was 40+6 (the next available induction date). I did “all the things” to get her to drop but when I went back to try again, she was high I was still only 1cm. We tried the balloon again pumped to the max, same result after 12 hours. I didn’t even have the option of medicinal induction at that point, just c section. Baby was 9 pounds 15 oz- Almost a pound off the predicted weight) All the doctors/nurses said if I went the medicinal induction route I’d probably be laboring all day and end up tore up or in a c section anyway. I’m happy she stayed high and I didn’t insist on trying the meds. Now I know people have babies bigger than mine with or without meds all time but for me, I know I made the right choice. In my mind, it was a sign the balloon didn’t work either time and she didn’t drop- she was saving mamma from a long, painful, scary labor (that’s how I rationalize it anyway). If you feel like an induction would be “forced” the balloon may just help turn “on” your system to begin what it needs to do on its own. It’s not that bad- like a longer cervical check and it feels like you have a tampon in that’s too big for you when you are on a light day or don’t have your period, just that there’s something in there that is a little uncomfortable. Obv go with what your doctor says but if your baby is measuring big (my doctors were almost a pound off so “so much” for the doctors always overestimate) you may want to keep that in mind- your baby may be giving you a sign- esp. if you don’t want it to feel “forced” with meds. I hope you find a choice you feel happy with and that allows you to safely deliver your baby. 
  • @hollyeva good luck with your appt today! hopefully they have good, progressive news for you! keep us posted. Did you have "good" experiences with inductions before? 

    @arieselle i read your story on one of the other boards. it sounds like you went through so much! i am not sure that they would use the bulb as none of the nurses or NP has mentioned it to me. Just the process of a chemical induction- cervidil & pitocin, that sort of thing. i'll definitely be asking about it though, come monday. im not sure of baby's projected size at this point. we had a couple extra ultrasounds back around 36 weeks bc of some bleeding, but i know shes gonna be a big girl- i was around 8lb7 and her daddy was 9 something...  im not opposed to a c-sect if i need it, but i want to try the "old fashioned way" first. so i guess we'll just have to see what next week brings...  :#
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  • @kbyahn I have my 41w appointment tomorrow to discuss the eviction plan. Last Tues growth ultrasound said baby was 8lb 6oz so my Dr doesn't want to let me go to 42w anymore. I feel the same as you that I don't want to force him out but I am going to listen to my doctor's advice. 

    Originally she wanted to wait until 42 w but after seeing his size she doesn't find it safe to keep waiting. My hopes for a natural start to labor mean less to me than a safe delivery.
  • @kbyahn it was a lot but looking back not too bad. I think it was more annoying getting sent home the first time- friends that did pitocin, cirvidil, etc. some of them ending up in c sections some of them not, some that have had both all said to avoid the meds (other than pain relieving ones) at all costs unless you’re almost at the end. My DH and I really wanted a vaginal birth (he wanted to catch her and cut the cord) but he thinks it’s cool that he got to see me all cut open and hold her first while they stitched me- so it’s all how I put it into perspective. At least the hospital food wasn’t too terrible! @ftm_jen I’ll be checking back to see what the eviction plan is for you too! 
  • @kbyahn both of my previous inductions were pretty positive experiences, neither time did I get the cervidil or foley bulb- just pitocin. They did sweep my membranes around 39 weeks the first time but that did nothing. The first time they turned it up slowly which gave me just the right amount of time to catch up to labor as it progressed. The second time they turned it up quickly, but I ended up with probably half as much pitocin put into my body as the first time. The only thing that was scary was rupturing the membranes the first time, and the second time was the intensity because they turned it up quickly and didn't back down when the contractions were on top of each other so transition was a little scary (it's a scary time anyways, just more annoying that time). 

    At my appointment the midwife suggested I don't go on to 41 weeks because of the size of the baby, so we scheduled induction for Saturday. Little one's hardest part of her head keeps hitting the area just in front of the cervix instead of the cervix itself, so dilation is only 2 cm and baby is still a bit high (typical for baby #2+). While my hopes are high for me to go into natural labor before hand, I'm doing everything I can to relax, do my exercises, and be at peace with an induction on Saturday.
  • @hollyeva I have had so much pressure from LO head the last week days. Never thought about where it was pushing before. 41w appointment in an hour and a half... Really hoping for something positive- progression or induction discussion wise!
  • @ftm_jen how did the appointment go? 
    @hollyeva that gives me hope, hearing your induction experiences were not bad ones. i think the cervidil is to "ripen" the cervix if its not thinned out enough before they start on pitocin (if i remember correctly) so i guess we just have to hope that some progress has been made in that area before monday morning. but i have heard that pitocin can cause crazy-strong contractions that do end up super close together. that is my concern, that i wont be able to catch a break & that i will need the epidural before i get a chance to attempt to get through any real amount of laboring. 
    @arieselle i think you're right- it all depends on your perspective. i want to aim for a vaginal birth, but if a c-sect ended up being the safest route, i have no problem with it. that is pretty special for your hubs to be able to have held baby first, and lucky that he isnt squeamish about seeing you cut open. im not sure how my SO would do with that haha, though i know he would love to be the one to do skin-on-skin first. 

    its windy & pouring rain here in NorCal today, so unfortunately no walking this baby out. im hoping i can find enough to do at home to keep me occupied and not just focused on waiting for baby... im might attempt to do my own mani-pedi... wish me luck!
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  • @kbyahn the pitocin did make my contractions back to back. was there a reason that you wanted to hold off on the epidural? right before (or it might have been during) my last labor, a few ladies on the board mentioned that the epidural actually helped progression, because being relaxed helps dilation. i got the epidural as soon as i was allowed, and of my 21 hour induction, i got the epidural at 4cm, hour 15, and in the last 5 hours with the help of the epidural i progressed the last 6cm. just wanted to mention it because it’s common to hear that epidurals slow progress, but it was the complete opposite in my case.
  • @highsteaks  oh really? good to know! i had planned originally to labor as long as i could before adding in medications. i want to be able to walk and move and change positions... but now with the whole induction process i feel like thats kind of going out the window...

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  • @kbyahn that was my plan, too originally, thinking the exact same thing until my second induction. i walked around to progress the first time, but i didn’t get the option to do that the second time because there wasn’t a portable dual fetal monitor. now that i think about it, i think that my contractions were back to back because i was overdosed with cytotec (5 doses). they actually started a very very low level of pitocin to help space the contractions, which made them more intense and did not space them. during my first induction, i had 2 doses of cytotec and never needed pitocin. of course, both births were very different in terms of gestational week and # of fetuses, so i can’t say that one experience was better than the other. they both were fine. actually, if you want to read about my last induction with all the extraneous details, you can here: https://forums.thebump.com/discussion/12735437/induction-and-birth-updates/p1
  • @kbyahn my midwife advised me to sit criss-cross applesauce, it seems to be helping because the rest of my mucus plug seems to have evacuated. Walking around while in labor on the pitocin did speed up delivery, probably because it helps pump the pitocin through your blood faster. I'm going to try to go epi-free again this time, I was able to with both my inductions and I used a lot of meditation and yoga breathing to help get through the pain. It helped that my husband would keep eye contact with me to help me through. That being said, I'm not anti-epi, I just have personal issues with medications that change how I feel things. I've also had friends who got epidurals to help them relax enough to dilate because they were in rushed situations that put them in alert mode. Whatever your choice, it should be what feels right for you at the time.
  • @kbyahn still only at 1cm 😟 and my fluid levels are starting to drop. Dr said the longest she felt comfortable with me waiting is tomorrow. So 7 pm sunday begins the eviction. We are starting with cervidil because of my lack of changes in my cervix. Dr is guessing Monday night delivery. I'll be 41+4 by then so I'm trying to not be upset. I gave him as much time as I could before forcing him out.
  • @ftm_jen  aw im sorry theres no progress, but you did wait so nice and patiently...  im sure it helps to think that you'll get to see him soon!! :) 
    and hey- it sounds like we will both be going through induction around the same time (if you are still going through it monday) we're checking in at 9am monday. good luck to you, mama!!

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  • @kbyahn good luck to you too!!
  • congratulations @hollyeva! Penelope is so beautiful! can’t wait to hear all about your delivery  <3 
  • @highsteaks it's only taken forever for me to get back to you (sorry!) but no haven't started CDing yet. Lula is still so small and I never got around to ordering NB sized CDs so waiting for her to get a bit bigger first.

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  • Congrats @kbyahn she's gorgeous!!!
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