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so first of all, I really dislike the username i
chose for myself but seems I’m stuck!

DH and I are experiencing our first MC together right now. I’m still sad about it and struggling with the fatigue and the nausea that haven’t gone away. We are hoping to TTC after my first menstrual cycle. We’re both 38 and a little frightened that we will have difficulty becoming pregnant again or have another miscarriage. For now, I’m trying to take care of myself, find things to be grateful for, and enjoy my time with my husband. I hope to be checking in soon after my first period to talk conception. 

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  • So sorry for your loss.  This board is a bit slow these days.  You might want to come over to TTCAL there are several ladies that can relate to MC and a few of us that also are older.  
  • Hi! I am 39 and just beginning to TTC for the first time. I am totally nervous about MC and it's very disconcerting to TTC fully knowing that that may occur. You have my best and I'm hoping that your next conception goes better. So I don't know how you feel but you have my sympathies. 
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