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Terrible Doctor Experience HELP

So, long story short... not really I'm quite upset haha. I'm 38 weeks and 2 days. I have gd and a thing with how the cord is inserted into the placenta. So I have been seeing multiple doctors for the last 3-4 months. My original doctor left the practice I was going to so they transferred me to another and the woman I thought was going to deliver my baby is just the CNM to the doctor who is supposedly going to be the one doing it. But today I had my 38 week appointment and this doctor was incredibly rude and disrespectful towards me since I actually had questions I wanted answers to unlike the other 3 times I've seen him and I didnt ask anything because he wouldn't let me speak the five minutes he was in my room. My maternal fetal specialist told me to ask about membrane stripping this week since the baby is large and I want to have her naturally. And he also told me at his appointment that if I didn't have her by the next one that they would induce me the day after. I brought this up to my regular doctor and he told me that that is all his decision and this other doctor has no say in it. And when I asked about when I could be induced he told me I could be on the original day but only of I went to the hospital of his choice and not the one I had toured and have been planning on going to since I found out I was pregnant. He told me it was inconvenient for him to have to drive to that hospital and that the only way in could be induced on the the day I was told was if I did what was convenient for him even though it isn't what I wanted. This basically started an arguement because I didnt understand why one doctor would tell me one thing and then he goes and tells me another. And ended up sitting there dumbfounded because this doctor and the nurse taking notes for him were making me feel stupid. And then the doctor got up tossed a box of tissues at me they both walked out of the room leaving me there with the door wide open while I had no pants on and left. And as he walked out I said I didn't understand why I was being told so many different things and he got crappy and asked the nurse what I had said. I literally had to shut the door with my foot so.i could get dressed. I have never been so upset and humiliated in my life. And as I went to check out and leave no appointments or anything were set up for the following week. I ended up having to call the help desk to ask about getting in at a different office, which I wont find out about until after the weekend. And I had to call this office back several different times to try and get an appointment set up.

But at this point. I do not want this doctor delivering my baby. And I do not want to see him anymore. But I'm scared that too late and I have no other options. And I feel like he thought he could try and sway my decision on things because I've been going to all of these appointment without my significant other. I'm not sure what to do. And even if I was acting crazy is it really okay to treat a patient like that. Do I have any options or any say in whether or not he can deliver my baby? 

Re: Terrible Doctor Experience HELP

  • Well (insert expletive here). What an AWFUL experience. I am shocked, and so sorry you're going through this. Can you call the practice and ask/demand to switch providers, as opposed to changing practices? Or find out what practice your original doc moved to? I hope they let you change offices. 
    Again, I'm so sorry. I would be really upset, too, if this had happened to me. 
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  • I called the main office to see if there was anything I could do but that was on Friday right before they closed for the weekend. They said they sent a request over to a different office so hopefully they'll get back to me Monday or so. 
    If not then I have an appointment with my maternal fetal specialist at the hospital I want to deliver at so I'm just going to make a trip to L&D and see if I have options as to whether or not they call my "doctor" to deliver whether it be naturally or by induction. Because at this point I'd rather have a random doctor over this one.
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  • That's horrible. I would be so upset. This is your birth not his. If you feel like he doesn't respect you I would definitely try to find another doctor. When it's time to birth your baby you're the one in charge. Can you add people willing to back you up and help you make the right decision not try and manipulate you into what is convenient for them. Good luck I hope you get the experience and Doctor you want
  • I hope you were able to get another doctor. If they have more at the practice, I don't see why you would have to see him again. Also, my practice has what is called a call schedule, which means you can see who the doctor delivering each day of the week is. If it's not too late, you can ask to see it and schedule your induction on the day that a doctor you want delivering would be available.
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