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  • @tessiesmom26 I agree he's beautiful! Also, our kids are bday buddies. Hope you are doing well!

  • @kamahina9 lady, i saw “2 new posts” and that you were the last one in the announcement thread. i nearly lost my mind that we had two new babies overnight. you’ve disappointed me  :p
    Hahaha me too! I had the exact same thought! 
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  • Sorry to be the downer here, but: 

    I've given the grandparents the heads up that if the babies are in the NICU (which they likely will for a day or two - at least), they likely won't be able to visit them due to the cold/flu restrictions. My mom somehow took it as a personal jab and made me feel like crap. I will always fight for the health/safety of my children and I know that means I'm going to butt heads with other people, but it still makes me feel bad. I'm also already over my mother comparing any decision I've made to my brother/sister in law..."Oh, you know THEY tried that and it didn't go well..." She's been in town 3 days and has managed to make me feel like crap every time I've talked to her. So, I've got that going for me...at least she's not staying with us. 
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  • @smulrich16 ack, it baffles me how some gparents lose all sense when it comes to their gkids (can ya tell i also have experience with this). it’s not like you’re the one deciding to close off the whole nicu for flu season! 

    and as far as being compared to your b&sil’s parenting style— kids are all different! what works/doesn’t work for one family does not mean it’s wrong for other families. try to ignore the negativity; parent the way you want.
  • I'm sorry @smulrich16. That sucks. I told everyone if they wanted to around baby M they had to get flu and TDAP shots. If they couldn't handle that, they knew where the door was and I would see them later. Harsh, yes, but it worked. As it is, we have to scrub for 3 minutes before we can even touch him, I'm not going to just let anyone be around after going through all this.  
  • @wildrainbow Yeah, we had the tdap/flu shot parade with the family a few months ago. Everyone was pretty good about it - except my FIL - "I've never gotten a flu shot in my life!" I was about to go off on him, but DH stepped in and said, "Neither have I. I guess this'll be a first for both of us." 

    @highsteaks Thanks! I also kind of love that I have the twin card to pull if I need to. "Oh, that didn't work for them? Did they have twins, too?" lol 
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  • @smulrich16 - what the heck?! It's not like you can control the hospital's visitation policy, and even if it was your choice not to let them visit in the girls in the NICU, you're mom and you make the rules. Everyone (especially grandparents) should respect that. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with her acting like that.
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  • @smulrich16 Sorry for the stress. My mom helps out a lot with my toddler and I’ve told my husband on numerous occasions that sometimes the help I get from her just isn’t worth it because she could be so judgmental and hurtful sometimes. The latest fight we got into (just last week) was when she made a judgmental comment that I make my toddler frozen waffles for breakfast. Apparently making bisquick pancakes out of a box like she did for us when we were little makes her some sort of gourmet chef and a superior mother. This is just ONE example of the things she’s said to me. There are others that would make your jaw drop. It’s very unfortunate because my son is crazy about her, but I’ve informed her that she is no longer welcome to come over if she continues to make her judgmental comments. I haven’t heard from her in over a week and usually she comes by to see my kiddo at least once or twice a week. Its sad, but her behavior is just not ok. 
  • Just some empathy in response to the woes related to grandparents and family members: people, particularly family, can be so difficult. You guys are setting some difficult but strong boundaries to protect yourself and your kiddos. 
    Also, unrelated, I feel *very* pregnant right now. Done done done with feeling pregnant. Also, not ready to be a mom. #ambivalence
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