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I don't want a girl because I can't come up with a name

Our names combined is Charlice. But I like Charlize. His name is Charles so nick name Charlie
Then Camillia from my grandma
How do you like Charlize Camillia? 
Too much?


  • It’s a lot but not terrible if you want to honor your grandmother. Charlize or Charlotte to honor Charles.  Definitely not Charlice.  You could also try Camille or Camilla to honor your grandmother. I’d like those as first names too.  
  • Not a huge fan of Charlize or Charlice. The nick name "Charlie" is getting a little over done IMO with all the little Charlottes running about these days. Camille or Camillia would a lovely choice for a first name. Cami or Millie would be cute nick names.

    Would you consider Camille Charlize instead?

  • It's a bit much, but there's nothing wrong with Charlize or Camilla. 

    I do agree that I prefer Camilla as a first name.
  • Camilla Charlize would get my vote!
  • Agree with pp that I prefer Camille or Camilla, and definitely Charlize over Charlice. 
  • Yes, they're too much together. I think you have to choose. I'd go with Camillia to honor your grandmother and choose a new, simple, one syllable mn:

    Camillia Rose
    Camillia Jane
    Camillia Anne
    Camillia June
    Camillia Pearl
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