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What your baby COULD have been named...

I was just thinking about this...  Our other top girl name was Charlotte.  Looking at DD now, I just can't imagine calling her that. She doesn't look like a Charlotte.  So weird to think of what could have been.
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Re: What your baby COULD have been named...

  • I often think, What if she had been a boy?! I just can't picture our household with a James instead of a Caroline!
  • William.  But he's definitely a Seth to us :)
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  • Quentin would have been Brayden. But, I realized that name was too popular, and went with the other. Glad I did!
  • Teddy's name was pretty much set in stone as soon as we found out, but our hypothetical-at-this-point next baby may be named Madeline Renee.  Or Seraphina Michelle - I like them both.  :)
  • Our other choice was Lincoln...he is so not a Lincoln.
  • Gavin Michael if she was a boy. We really had no other girl names we could agree on. Before we were pregnant we like Isabella Marie but changed our mind when a close family friend named her DD Isabella.  I am happy with Gabrielle Marie.  It fits her perfect.
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  • We didn't pick a girl name, but our other top boy names were Gavin and Spencer. 

    Eli totally fits him.  It's a simple, happy name, and that is exactly him.
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  • I was so relieved when we found out that DD was a girl - DH was dead set on Edgar as a boy's name.  He's already talking about using for #2 and we aren't even TTC yet - I don't know what's wrong with him but here's hoping for another girl.

    Edit: I hope no one here has a DS named Edgar -if so no offense, just NMS!

  • Our other option was Lily.  She's definitely more of a Rosie to us.
  • We didnt name Henry for 24 hours... he was going to be Oliver all pregnancy!
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  • We thought about naming her Claire.
  • DS is Michael James. Named after his dad and granpa for the 1st name and uncle for the middle.

    I was pulling for Kevin Michael. But I lost. To be honest he's not a Kevin to me at all. But if I had been calling him that from the get go maybe he would be. It took awhile for Mikey to stick for me.

  • Benjamin was really the only boy name that we seriously considered.  It just felt right.  I can't imagine him being named anything else.

    If he were a girl, he was going to be Emma Rose.  It makes me sad that we're not having any more kids and I won't be able to use this name.  Emma goes really well/is so cute with our last name.  :(

  • Our other top girl names were Samantha and Cora.
  • Our boy name was almost definitely Beckett.
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  • Conrad would have been Margot or Lydia if he were a girl.  We didn't really have any more boy names. 
  • Robbie was going to be either Colin or Quinn. Neither one really fit.

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  • I loved the name Mohinder. DH put his foot down.

    A girl would have possibly been Sadie.

  • Gisele was the only girls name we had. Since that was my MIL's name. We never went any further than that. We still do not agree on a boy's name and don't think we ever will. lol
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  • Ha!  Could have Vikas or Laxman.

    I think Ethie doged a bullet...

  • Patrick.  We may use it if we have another boy.


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  • DD was going to be a Mollie but Emilee went better with Lucille.  If she were a boy she would have been Nicholas Jared.
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  • It was between Peyton and Kenley...she didn't look like a Peyton at the hospital and still doesnt.  We originally thought we were having a boy and were preparing for 'Jackson' to join the family.  Maybe we'll get him someday...
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  • Elise Cosette was our only other girl name.... we chose the name Kaylee Margaret so DD would have same initials as DH.

    Matthew Martin would have been our boy name.

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  • The #2 name on our list was Kyle.  We may still use it in the future.  Girl names were Julia and Charlotte (family names).
  • My #1 pick for DD was Alexandra and then #2 was Sydney, which both got outvoted by my DH (he dated an Alexandra......and he wasn't going to name his DD after a city...even though it would be in honor of his NZ and Aussie heritage.)  He liked Caitlyn or Lauren....obviously he won out.

     If DD would have been a DS....Noah William all the way!!!

  • Our second pick was Emma. I was also pulling for Hanna or Paige. She's definitely not a Paige, and I'm glad we went with Lily.
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  • My other favorite girl names were Libby and Ainsley.  I still like 'em.  Maybe I'll see if DH would go for a change.  Stick out tongue
  • we did not have another boy name.  if he was a girl, she would have been sophia anne.
  • The only girl name we ever discussed was Kate Marie.  We picked it out the day after BFP and never wavered from it, so she's been Kate to me always (I 'knew' I was having a girl long before the u/s).

    Our boy name was and probably remains Thomas Mark or Mark Thomas, and another girl may very well be Mae Patricia.  We're all about family names.

  • image Kateysomething:
    Our boy name was almost definitely Beckett.

    have anything to do with our sox pitcher?

  • If we had a girl it would have been Layla; didn't have a middle name in mind.  It took us the whole nine months to come up with DS's name, the only thing that would have been differnt is his middle name.   
  • Ruari might have been Abby or Olivia, but they were getting pretty popular, so we went with something no one else has (unless of course you're in Ireland, in which case she'd be one of many).

    If she was a boy, she would have been Connel William.

  • If Leah was a boy she would have been Ryan Charles most likely. We didn't agree on anything else.  Our original girl name choices included Corinne, Shannon (my pics) and Natalie or Camryn (his pics).  Last minute, we discussed and agreed on Leah as a first name and Corinne as a mn. 
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  • The only other boy name we considered was David.  I think it would have been an okay choice, but of course I see him as "Matthew" and I think that fits best.

  • Matt wanted a Junior. He is completely aware now that Joseph could have been nothing but a Joseph.
  • Our Daughter was actually Savanna For one hour of her life.   After i came out sugery and looked at her i cryed and said "she doesn't look like a Savanna".  We waited 15 more hours and then changedher name Olivia, Livy fits her perfect.

  • Hayleigh for a girl, and we had agreed on that almost from day one, but couldn't come to a consensus on a boy's name until right before Ian was born.  We wanted something masculine that couldn't be shortened.  I liked Noah, but DH vetoed that.
  • We didn't have another girl name, we just loved Claire (still do, name and girl of course!) but if she'd been a boy she would be Colin.
  • At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was pulling for Blaise (pronounced Blaze) or Sebastian.  My husband said no go for either.  So, I made him sit with me one night and we each picked out our top 5 names that we liked.  We agreed on 4 names.  He could have been:  Aaron, Ayden, Benjamin or Mason.  I had an emergency C, so I wasn't even awake enough to hold him let alone name him.  As soon as I looked at him while I was holding him the next morning, I woke my husband up and said, he is definitely and Aaron.  So, we named him Aaron Michael. 
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