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Unilateral breastfeeding?

Anyone have experience/tips for unilateral breastfeeding? I have not been able to find much about this online, but think it may be the route I need to go this time around. LO can nurse on my left side like a champ, but wont latch on my right and refuses to use a shield. I can tell that side is now producing way less, which adds to the frustration of trying to nurse on that side. Do I let it dry up and just do the left 100% of the time?

Re: Unilateral breastfeeding?

  • You could pump on that side while feed on the other to keep your production up. I would also suggest that you talk to a lactation consultant or your pediatrician. This could be related to a medical issue like a tongue tie or ear/neck/head pain. Or sometimes babies just have a preference for one side because they're more comfortable laying that way. A lactation consultant might be able to suggest a position (like the football hold) that would mimic the way they lay when they're on the left side.
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  • My LO has been refusing the right side and like stated above, I can sometimes trick him by using the football hold, but he's already 8 months old so it's rather uncomfortable. Some other tricks that work at times is to start feeding on the left until very drowsy/asleep and then switch and latch onto the right. Standing and/or walking also sometimes works. For me, because my LO is older I only attempt the right side once or twice per day, and am usually successful at least once, and then I pump for about 10 minutes each morning. 
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