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Weekly Randoms 9/24-9/28


Re: Weekly Randoms 9/24-9/28

  • @ab_canada so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you, your husband, and his family.  <3

    Re: glucose test: I’ve been given the 5 minute or less instruction, but no one’s ever told me not to chug it. But the quicker I drank it, the more I had to fight the urge to vomit.  

    @echo-charlietango whoa, your orange flavor was clear? I’ve only seen red for “fruit punch,” orange for “orange,” and clear “lemon lime.” No idea why they would feel compelled to add color to this stuff. 
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  • Last time for 1 and 3 hour and this time for 1 hour I was told I had five minutes.  It is disgusting to drink so I chugged mine.  I had fruit punch this time around, I don't remember what I had either time last time. Barfy barf barf.

  • @Katzalia @echo-charlietango I had a clear orange flavored one too!  It wasn't terrible.

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