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Boy vs. Girl Symptoms

So I am pregnant with #2. I currently have a boy. I only want two kids I'm obviously hoping for a girl (though, of course, I'll be happy with either!). But, just curious for moms that already have a boy and a girl... did you notice a difference with symptoms at all? 
I know most of it is old wive's tale stuff-- but just for fun. If so, how were they different? 

So far, I feel pretty much the same. Mostly not-pregnant... lol-- which is how I was with my first. 

Re: Boy vs. Girl Symptoms

  • Both my pregnancies were total opposites...and I have two girls. All the old wives tales are simply that, takes.
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  • I have a girl and two boys, and all my pregnancies have been different, including this one.  
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  • 4 very different pregnancies. Different symptoms. Different aversions. 4 boys. 

  • No need for snark... just was starting what I thought would be a fun thread. You don’t have to participate. 
  • Really confused as to why this thread turned sour—- why the gang up mentality? Really not a big deal. No need for silly gifs like we’re teenage girls. The mature thing to do is not to respond if the thread doesn’t Interest you. 
    If you aren’t going to respond to my question- I’m kindly asking you not to respond here. Let’s keep this fun. I came here as a break in my day to talk to other women in the same situation. But, this isn’t making me feel too great. So please respect how I feel. Even if you think it’s silly. 
  • So is your goal to make someone more upset? Make them feel stupid and belabor the point? I kindly asked for this to stop but you keep going. Let it go and let people with real responses respond please. I’m not trying to start anything. But can you seriously just please stop? We are all hormonal and pregnant. Let’s cut each other some slack :)
  • @expandcontract cool. Sorry I mistook for sarcasm. Thanks for coming back and clarifying. I do appreciate it 
  • @keighty80 you don’t get to decide when someone else’s feelings are hurt or not. Saying mine are and asking kindly for comments of those kind to stop is not being “rude”. It’s being genuine and honest about how you’re making me feel. You don’t have to listen - sure. But, I was hoping my candidness about my feelings would implore people to let it go. Instead, I’m feeling bullied by you. You don’t feel like you’re being a bully- I’m sure. But your words have consequences and I’m letting you know how yours are making me feel. If you can’t be mature enough to leave me alone, then I’ll have to be mature enough to walk away. So gif away... I’m out. Thanks. 
    Also I’m not the only one who feels this way- I got two private messages saying the same. 
  • @willmisspumpkinbeer you likewise don’t get to dictate how people respond to your posts. 
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  • sleepy33 said:
    @willmisspumpkinbeer you likewise don’t get to dictate how people respond to your posts. 
    It’s okay, she’s hormonal. Let’s cut her some slack. 

  • Woaaa! i didn't even realize what was going on while i was busy writing my post.

  • keighty80keighty80
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    @expandcontract I was trying (unsuccessfully, I think) to defend your honor. Lol 
  • @keighty80 I know, and thank you all for the support. I appreciate it! 

  • Are they still heavy on the ban hammer? I think I went through three names last time... 
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