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Due Date check-in 9/18 (12/1 & earlier - 12/8)

How far along are you? How big is baby?

How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms?

Rants/Raves/Questions/Dear Diary?

GTKY: What kind of person do you hope your LO will grow up to be?

Re: Due Date check-in 9/18 (12/1 & earlier - 12/8)

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  • @Jens_Hoes yay on getting a cleaning lady!! I am a fairly tall person (5'8) with a longer torso and am getting uncomfortable, I can only imagine how you're feeling!
    Married: 6/6/14
    DS: 12/20/16
    EDD: 11/29/18
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  • @Jens_Hoes  that is exactly my situation. I started this job the last week of October and had a planned vacation this summer, so I just have so little accrued time off. We’ve planned for how to manage through my time off, but still not bringing in a usual income will suck.
  • @binxybaby I hope you have a great trip and fun weekend with YH! That sounds like a nice random trip & I hope he doesn't have to work while you are there.
    Married: 6/6/14
    DS: 12/20/16
    EDD: 11/29/18
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  • @ab_canada Yaayyy for flipping!

    @binxybaby Have fun in Orlando! Go to Harry Potter World for me. :p 

  • @kadeephd "mostly not a jerk" - perfect! :smile:

    @whitneyb89 So sorry to hear about your husband and his layoff. Not that any time is ever a good time for something like that, but the timing really sucks! I don't really know how you can pull him out of it, but I hope he does find some motivation and a good job that will give him some paternity time to spend with you and baby!

    Credit Card debt stuff in spoiler in case anyone else is interested.

    We are following his "snowball effect." I'll try to explain what I can, but DH is really the one who did all the research on it! Basically, we went through all of our credit cards and put them in order from lowest balance to highest balance (regardless of interest rate). We figured out the minimum payments for each of them and will keep paying those each month. But, any additional money we have will all be applied to the card with the lowest balance. Once that's paid off, that minimum payment is gone, and you move on to the next lowest. The reason you start with the lowest is that it gets paid off the quickest, obviously; it clears out a minimum payment; and it makes you feel good that you can check one thing off. We were actually already paying an absurd amount each month over the minimum payments anyways to try and pay things down (like $1000), but nothing seemed to be improving. By shifting that around, we'll have 2 of our low balance cards paid off next month, and then like one a month or every other month for a while after that.

    I hope that makes sense! But if you search for Dave Ramsey, especially on youtube or TedTalks, tons of stuff will come up that will be more helpful than me!
    Pregnancy TickerMe: 33, DH: 41
    Started IF Feb. 2014
    PCOS & MFI (low sperm count and motility)
    3 Femara cycles w/natural intercourse over summer 2014, BFN
    1 Clomid cycle w/natural intercourse Nov. 2014, BFN
    IUI March 2015, BFN
    IUI June 2015, BFN
    IUI Oct. 2015, BFN
    IVF Oct. 2016, fresh transfer, 2 day-3 embryos, BFN; nothing to freeze
    IVF Nov. 2017, fresh transfer, 2 day-5 blasts, BFP; ectopic; 1 blast frozen
    FET March 2018, 1 day-5 blast, BFP!
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  • @whitneyb89 Effffff! So sorry to hear about H. I hope he finds a great fit and quick. 

    @mag1cbeli3ver Yes to snowball effect! I've been doing this with my student loans.
  • @mag1cbeli3ver Yeah, the timing really does suck. I think that's what makes it the hardest at the moment. I've even offered to apply to jobs for him if that would help, lol. Thank you though. And also thanks @hoosiermama-2!

    As for the snow ball effect, I think I've heard of that method before. I think it might of been one we have attempted/ currently have been working on. But then someone suggested to us that it might be better to try paying them off based on the interest rate, by getting rid of the highest one first. Either way, it's been a very slow process for us. Sometimes I wish we could just win the lottery, lol! 
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