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  • @mamabearcj I support your decision. I'd be super annoyed if DH pulled that shit. 
  • 1. My car battery died for the second time in two weeks. It's a 2015 Honda and we just bought out our lease three weeks ago of course. And both times it died at daycare so embarrassing. Luckily people are amazing and I got lots of help. Poor DH was already at work 75 min away so couldn't help. It all ended up ok but I missed my commuter train and now am working from home. Annoying but I guess thankful I have a job where that can be done reasonably.
    2. DH bought me a gift certificate for Elizabeth Grady to get a prenatal massage but didn't realize that most of their locations don't do massage. So I really want one, have $100 towards one, and wish he had known enough to pick a different salon/spa. Not his fault, but I'm sad. I can use it for facials and stuff but I really just want a massage and don't want to pay for one.
  • @mamabearcj there are about 5 I can drive to, but none that are both 1. open on the one day DH and my toddler will be gone and 2. have a massage therapist on staff. They also aren't really known for prenatal massages as a company, which I wish my DH had known. So either I try to book one another day where DH will have to parent solo (which obviously is fine, he does it all the time but I feel bad asking), or just use it for a facial or something else fun-ish on Sunday when I have the day to myself. I'd be more pumped if I thought the massage would be any good, but I've asked around and no local moms have ever gotten one there...
  • @mamabearcj hopefully he comes home with a better attitude!
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  • Wow.. glad and sad I'm not the only one with a crabby DH today! So sorry ladies
  • Nope, definitely me who is crabby today. Our toilet lever broke in the middle of the night (DH just got home with a new one <3), my annoying old dog was being a huge PITA this morning and kept standing right under me wherever I was trying to walk, I'm stuck in a week long risk assessment, and then I get home, and there is a fly in the house. Also, it's over 100 again today. And my feet are getting swollen. So I am the irrationally pissy person in the house. GAH.
  • @dellusion I hate when DH does that. I complain about a pregnancy related symptom and he says he has it too (lower back pain, trouble sleeping). Thanks dude. You admit its because you're overweight and out of shape, yet aren't doing anything about it. Mine is because I'm pregnant carrying our child. 
  • Another for the DH complaint train. I went to therapy and had a good session, I called on the way home and we were discussing things without getting upset, and I thought we’d actually be able to have a decent night. The minute I walk in the door he’s pissy about something and taking it out on me. Asks me why I can’t take care of my (our) daughter’s bath instead of sitting on my butt. He obviously knows I can’t get on the floor this pregnant and I’m not just sitting to not do anything, but totally ruined the evening. I hadn’t seen DD all day and I ended up just going in my room because I didn’t want to deal with his attitude. I hate when he ruins my time with her since I don’t get much of it. Thankfully I was able to give some cuddles and tickles without his sass before she went to bed.
  • @jemmerjams I’m sorry, but the fly made me lol. There are some days that if that happened to me the fly might push me to tears, but reading it in the list of things is kind of funny. 
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  • Boo to all your husbands throwing fits! I'll hate them if you want me to!

    The fly thing is funny. There is always a damn fly in my house. My wtf is to the weird striped mosquitos eating me alive while I sleep. I can't find any standing water around the house and it hasn't rained since like last November so where the f are they coming from!? I'm so itchy.
  • @knottieamusements ugh, what a bitch. 

    @purplegoldfish2 @jwebbbber45678 it was the straw that broke the camel's back yesterday. Occasionally DH accidentally lets a fly in when he's grilling in the backyard, and they stay FOR DAYS. I think one lasted an entire week. And they just buzz around the kitchen obnoxiously. I don't hear it this morning, so perhaps it made it's way into the light or my dog ate it. One can only hope. 

    Also, mosquitoes are way worse than flies. ugh, cannot imagine.
  • @knottieamusements Good for you for standing your ground and being the amazing mom you are! 
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  • @rabtaido1214 - ugh- maybe she should read one of those real books on the train?

    @sliztee - I’m considering it.  

    Mostly, I’m hoping that she isn’t his nurse today.  The thing is that I know the babies do sit in dirty diapers (both there and anywhere).  Max has only started getting fussy about his diaper in the last week, and then only when he is alert.  As such, since the nurses aren’t sitting with him constantly to monitor for him to poop, he ends up sitting in a dirty diaper.  

    There is also a tension between caring for the babies and letting them sleep.  They want the babies to get as much deep, uninterrupted sleep as possible to facilitate brain development.  That is part of the reason for the scheduled cares- if something in addition to temp and diaper changes needs to be done, they coincide it with cares to minimize disturbance.  So- from her perspective- baby is asleep and not upset, leave baby alone.   (And Max was asleep.)

    This is one of those places where I feel like this is a difference of opinion rather than an actual  care issue.  (And she really managed to get under my skin.)
  • WTF to my bladder. I am now at the point of waking up four times a night to pee. This is with me not drinking any liquids after dinner. Also, WTF to myself for being unreasonably cranky this morning (from lack of decent sleep) and taking it out on DD when she was literally doing nothing wrong. She was throwing a fit in the car on our way to daycare and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. After I dropped her off at daycare I realized how badly I treated her this morning  and how she was probably acting out to get a little extra attention. Then I cried the entire drive to work. I'm thinking she is getting some apologies and lots of cuddles when I pick her up after work today. 
  • Sorry, @acciocoffee, that must be so hard to sit with all day :(
  • I’m booked at the perinatal (high risk) clinic for an ultrasound this morning at 1130. They just phoned me (0900) to let me know they’ve had a number of emergent cases and the wait time is going to be ridiculous. 

    They offered switching the appointment to Monday, which would be fine except for the fact that having this ultrasound today was one of the conditions of me being discharged from the hospital on the weekend. So I’ll be sitting and waiting, likely for hours, to get the stupid ultrasound today. :angry:
  • ack @jennybean80 !  I'm sorry.  I hope you get in sooner than expected!  FX for you!
  • My contractor went on 2 week vacation the day after we moved into the 85% built house. No counter tops, two working sinks in plywood countertop, no glass shower partition, the stairs not stained so a plywood protective board on each tread, exterior siding and brick not complete, 50% of the millwork not complete including handles on our kitchen etc etc etc.  He reassured me things would still happen when he was away because his foreman would organize things. I followed up with his foreman every day asking questions and if I got a response at all it was to say Peter would need to organize that. So frustrating!
    Anyways he got back on Monday and we met and he didn't have any real updates for me as to when things would get done. So I have been texting him every day to get an update. He texts me today to say he had a serious fall and broke his ribs! So now he is out of commission again. I also found out he didn't order the countertops or my master closet millwork before going on vacation like he said he did! So now we have to wait another 2 weeks!

    We are having our housewarming BBQ baby shower on September 8th. I hired landscapers to complete our backyard and deck but without having the brick completed by my GC we can't get it finished. 

    I broke down and cried today, because I just want this crazy project to be finished in time for this baby so I don't have to keep having trades through my house while I'm breastfeeding or the baby is sleeping. 
    Me 33 DH 41
    TTC since 2016
    Due: October 12, 2018
    Location: Ontario, Canada

  • @chyvie I'm so sorry, that's so frustrating!  Is he a one man shop? Does he have a team that could fill in? I don't blame you for crying, I would've had a full on meltdown!!
    DS1: 8/2012 <3 DS2  8/2017 <3 DS3 10/2018 

  • @chyvie I would be losing it completely. That is so
     unprofessional!! I mean sorry you broke your ribs dude but you’ve still got to at least halfway run your business if you want to get paid. 
  • sorry I have another WTF moment and need to vent!  So we reached out to our current daycare in February to let them know we'll need infant care in January of 2019.  We pretty much told them as SOON as we knew we were pregnant.  They have a 1.5 year waiting list.  Like, I don't get can you reserve infant care before you are even pregnant?!?  18 months out?  It just doesn't make sense.  So we've been on their wait list since then and last night they emailed us to let us know they have an opening for us in May.  Ugh....ok so yes please save the May spot but let us know as earlier spots open.

    Today also, my husband's company daycare called him to say that we're pretty low down on the wait list BUT if we move one of our other kids over immediately (like, starting there in the next 2 weeks), they'll give us the January infant spot.  My blood is boiling over this shit. I feel like i'm being blackmailed here.  We are FINALLY in an amazing place with both DS1 and DS2 in their new respective classrooms with their good friends and teachers we like at the current daycare.  Why the hell would we change that up and stress out the boys and lose our current awesome spots to switch to this new place that we hardly know anything about that that I pretty much will have no interaction with (since my husband would do drop offs and pick ups since its at his work).  I'm just SO uncomfortable with the idea of this and its really stressing me out now.  We only wanted the new baby in this new daycare (1. because the price was crazy low, and 2. because current daycare didnt' have immediate openings), not the whole family.

    So now I feel like we have to start searching for daycares again for the baby and i'm pissed.  lol.
  • @chyvie - That sucks.  No suggestions, just commiseration.  
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