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Weekly Randoms (8/20-8/27)


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  • Has anyone ever used blue light blocking glasses? I know I'll feel like a hipster having glasses when I don't need any kind of corrective vision, BUT the headaches from staring at a screen all day combined with pregnancy hormones are pretty unbearable ...
  • @BourbonBiscuits I have them! It’s worth it to me. It’s greatly helped with the headaches. 
  • @ohsunnydays I switched doctors because of bedside manner after a terrible situation st th birth of my DS and the obs lack of compassion when I had a miscarriage and a D and C I was done with her.  My new doctor is a DO (doctor of osteopathy slightly different from an MD) and she has over 30 years of experience.  I wait forever in her waiting room but she actually spends time with her patients which is important to me.  Anyway those are my two cents 
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  • ^WSS
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    Our Rainbow Baby H arrived at 37 weeks on 12/20/16!
    Baby E arrived at 37 weeks on 01/31/15!
    Married my Marine 05.23.14

    TWIN LOSS 7.2.15
    BFP 9.7.15 CP 
    BFP 12.31.15 MC 2.28.16
    BFP 10.14.17 CP
    BFP 3.10.18 D&C 4.13.18
  • ^WTS!?!?!?

    KBJ-SEJ married 8.18.2012
    BMJ born 5.27.2014
    MMC 7.2.2015 @ 5w5d
    SMEJ born 6.5.2016
    BFP 6.8.2018 EDD 02.18.2019

  • Took this pic yesterday, according to the news our (Portland) air quality is the second worst on Earth below Seattle. I feel sorry for everyone dealing with the fires and smoke. We don’t have the flying ash right now but I remember how crappy that is. 
  • Jeez @madreofdragons, it’s pretty bad there too!

    Here’s my work view on a clear day vs today. Bear in mind that there are no clouds today. Fuck this shit.
  • It’s horrific. It’s no wonder I feel like I am getting sick and feel like trash.

    KBJ-SEJ married 8.18.2012
    BMJ born 5.27.2014
    MMC 7.2.2015 @ 5w5d
    SMEJ born 6.5.2016
    BFP 6.8.2018 EDD 02.18.2019

  • Also that pic was from this morning, it’s even worse now. I’d take a new to show you, but that view is from my boss’ office and he’s here now. :#
  • It’s well over 200 here now. And the EPAs air quality site is down 

    KBJ-SEJ married 8.18.2012
    BMJ born 5.27.2014
    MMC 7.2.2015 @ 5w5d
    SMEJ born 6.5.2016
    BFP 6.8.2018 EDD 02.18.2019

  • @BourbonBiscuits have you tried f.lux? It's free to download, and I use that on my computers and it really helps - it makes your screen warmer and not as headache inducing, also it makes the screen light go very low when it's "bedtime" (you control the settings)
    Pacific NW ladies the pictures are heartbreaking, I have never seen anything like this in the NW, I hope you all stay healthy and safe...my family is out there and I hope my 94 year old grandma is doing ok, I should give her a call
  • What supplements are you all on?.. and how much iron?

    Mw told me to get on iron, ontop of my multivitamin but i havent yet... i did start probiotics today as she suggested.

    Im on materna,omega,calcium with magnesium and vit d, and b12.  Not sure if i can handle more pills especially ones that may make me constipated.

  • @madreofdragons @kayjay44 and @grebretso that looks horrible! I can’t believe how bad it has gotten. Are they saying when it is supposed to get better? It seems like you all shouldn’t even be leaving the house! Are you wearing face masks to work or anything? This is some scary stuff. 
  • @cass06_07 - I can’t take oral iron. I’m likely going to need IV iron infusions again this pregnancy since my stores are so low on top of being anemic. I wouldn’t survive a hemorrhage. 

    KBJ-SEJ married 8.18.2012
    BMJ born 5.27.2014
    MMC 7.2.2015 @ 5w5d
    SMEJ born 6.5.2016
    BFP 6.8.2018 EDD 02.18.2019

  • @allthingsgo thankfully the air inside is fine, we’re keeping doors and windows shut and the AC is filtered! I’m taking an Uber home today and probably tomorrow, I’m outside for just a short amount of time in the morning so i think I’m fine. I haven’t noticed any difference yet personally, but a bunch of people are coughing and having trouble breathing.

    They’re saying it should get better on Thursday, but tthey keep saying it should get better and it keeps not happening, so who knows. If it’s not better by Thursday I’m buying a respirator, taking an Uber every day will get expensive.
  • It’s just giving me the sneezes and dry throat. 
  • @grebretso good call on taking an Uber home! Hopefully it does clear up soon so you won’t have to resort to getting a respirator. I’m glad you aren’t having to be out too often. 

    @madreofdragons that sounds sucky but I’m glad it’s not worse. 
  • Stay safe with the smoke ladies, that is terrible!!! (things I don't miss about that coast for 100 Alex) 
  • I just missed a call from my OB office calling with my glucose challenge test results! I called right back but because it is after hours it went right to voicemail. Ugh!
  • My father in law just broke the ice maker on our freezer - he put a wine bottle in there without telling anyone and when DH went to get some ice it busted apart. Why would you do that?? 2 WEEKS OF IN LAWS IS TOO MUCH AHHHH 
  • @allthingsgo - that drives me NUTS! Like you called me so OBVIOUSLY you are there! 

    That smoke looks crazy. Stay safe, chicks! 
    T & J 5.9.09
    MMC 2.12.11 @ 8w
    PVM 5.8.12
    GWM 3.17.15
    RPM 2.21.19

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  • @okayestmom12 exactly! It’s like they just call to get it out of the way instead of actually wanting to reach you. 
  • cass06_07 Can't handle swallowing my prenatal any more so I switched to a vitamin drink. It's called Oxylent. http://www.oxylent.com/product-category/prenatal-oxylent/  

    TTC #1 2.17
    4.18 diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility
    5.18 Clomid 50 mg & Levothyroxine 25 MCG
    BFP 5.28.18 EDD 2.6.19
  • So I keep seeing everyone talk about thier prenatals. I talked to my OB about the issue that I just can't stomach them. I use gummies right now and she said it is ok to not take them? I trust her and the doctors, but should I be slightly concerned or start looking for other vitamin options? I am lacking in that department thanks to HG but not sure what I should look into. FTM so tips or anything are super helpful
  • @cass06_07 I sometimes remember to take my prenatal multi, if that counts for anything.

    @hnbergeron if you are eating a balanced diet, you’re likely fine. I was more concerned about folic acid earlier in the first tri so I tried to take them when I could (but was puking a lot when swallowing pills, soooo..). Anyway, I wouldn’t sweat it, honestly. If you can stomach the gummies though, I’m sure it won’t hurt. (Third time mom here, I’m much more on the relaxed side at this stage).
  • @eggsandwich2019 - MIL broke our ice maker over a year ago which has slowly caused our refrigerator to fail. I’m still bitter about it. She also broke our dishwasher. 

    KBJ-SEJ married 8.18.2012
    BMJ born 5.27.2014
    MMC 7.2.2015 @ 5w5d
    SMEJ born 6.5.2016
    BFP 6.8.2018 EDD 02.18.2019

  • @eggsandwich2019 @kayjay44 that is cause to make them buy you new appliances!! Lol. 
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  • kayjay44 said:
    Drive buys that can’t figure out how to do ticker change threads  :|
    At first glance, I thought their screen name was “analrun”. 
    Hey guys, 
    Honest mistake, sorry it annoyed you. Thanks for showing what this is all about and it’s always ok to push back to your dr and find another solution. Progesterone comes on all sorts of forms :) . But again, wish you luck with all your pregnancies and take care. Xx
  • adough27adough27
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    @eggsandwich2019 and @kayjay44, I know the pain. My MIL broke our washing machine, now I can no longer do a load of towels with the spin cycle successfully working. On top of that she was here a few weeks ago and used DD's bottle brush to clean the coffee maker, now there are coffee grinds stuck in the sponge, ugh. 

  • It almost kind of feels like fall outside today.. only 70 at 7AM instead of 80! it’s obviously a trap!
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