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Re: TW Tuesday 7/31

  • TW of the day is my screaming banshee dictator of a toddler. I don’t want to give in and reward his behavior but MAN this kid knows how to wear me down. 

    Secondary TW to peapod pickup for making me wait 30 minutes past my pick up time with two kids in the car. One screaming, the other mocking the little one screaming. I actually got out of the house on time and it comes back to bite me. 
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  • @acunamatada holy cow, I can't even imagine. You need wine tonight!
  • @acunamatada wow and here I was researching Alternative ways to get groceries (because I’m starving and the house once again has no food in it). Guess I’ll cross that off my list. 
  • @zande2016 I usually make DH pick it up, now I remember why. They deliver too but I just know they’ll pick a time in the window when I have an infant on the boob and/or toddler hanging on my ankle. 

    @MichelleAG05 it’s like you read my mind  :D
  • @acunamatada yeah I’d prob do delivery, but same, can never predict when the boobs gonna be out. I’m in this weird dead zone for grocery delivery so my options are limited. 
  • @zombiehoohaa feel better soon! @acunamatada umm there's no way that's acceptable in my book in general, let alone with 2 littles !
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