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  • Thanks for all the testimonies, ladies! The protein and whole grain mix makes sense, and probably best that I keep the flavors pretty mild when labor is coming on. And I’ll make sure to get my fried pickle fix in soon, @acunamatada! ;)

    And @kissableviv, Pho sounds like a great PP meal! I can send my parents to pick some up to stall them a bit, haha. 
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    Ughhhh now I want Pho!
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  • I didn't eat during any part of labor and I'm not sure if that was a good idea or a bad idea. I was definitely sick during and it was nice that it was just stomach acid rather than anything substantial. But 28 hours was a long time and I'm sure that contributed to why I was shaking so badly after delivery. Hopefully this time I at least get to eat something yummy after. With complications and a stubborn fever, I didn't actually end up eating until the next morning during breakfast. I'm liking @kissableviv 's Pho idea. 
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  • @summermama18 I threw up in early AND active labor for my first baby. I couldn't hold down a popsicle! I didn't eat once I started labor with my second, and will do the same again this time.

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  • @elizabethrn87 Thanks for the response, it’s been very unexpected and a bit scary.
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    And not to worry, 24 hrs later I had a HuGE poke bowl with all the fixings!
  • Anyone use coconut oil for diaper rash or as a preventative measure for avoiding one? DD poops sooooo much. I feel like I'm changing a poop diaper at every feeding. Shes a little red so I put diaper cream but remember the hospital pedi telling us coconut oil is great for diaper rash and preventing one, just wondering if anyone has experience with it since it's an oil, not sure how well it would work to create that barrier that the thicker ointments create.
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    We used it during the merconium poop phase with DD, and randomly at other times.  Boudreaux helped the most for us with diaper rash.
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    @kbernal2021 I'm having the same thought, sometimes they are little poops but I don't like leaving them there. We are currently hanging out butt out on the changing table just to air out a bit! He doesn't have a rash so I'm hesitant to put anything on it. I have a towel over him to avoid projectile pee- we've had many of those already!
  • @kbernal2021 the Earth Mama stuff I used with DS is super oily vs. pasty and definitely creates the barrier, IMO. I would imagine coconut oil being the same since its a similar consistency (i think?).
  • @SmashJam I have the Earth mama too! Have not tried it yet.
  • I will look into the earth mama stuff. I like their nipple butter and its oily vs the thick lanisoh, although I do like lanisoh as well. I'm using the boudreaux stuff right now but the one time DS had a diaper rash I remember trying it and several other brands like desitin and nothing working. So far shes still a little red but I'm reapplying after changes and letting her dry out before fastening her diaper. Here's to hoping we don't turn into a full blown rash this early on!
  • @kbernal2021 I swear by aquaphor.  I’ve never found any of the zinc oxide type diaper rash creams to be effective.  
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  • Definitely going to try aquaphor. Not sure why I didn't think of that since its all that helped DS skin issues
  • Sarafuss said:
    @kbernal2021 I swear by aquaphor.  I’ve never found any of the zinc oxide type diaper rash creams to be effective.  
    +1 aquaphor! The nurse had told us to use Desitin because DS2 got a super bad rash from his constant pooping (like two changes per feed) and after days of hardly any improvement we switched back to our usual aquaphor. By the second day we saw major improvement and it’s pretty much gone now. I don’t like desitin because it’s harder to clean off when i need to. It may be good as a barrier to prevent but not treat IMO. 
  • we just went to a newborn care class last week and they said aquaphor for prevention (or if the area starts to look red) and honest baby diaper rash cream for when the baby actually has the rash
  • +1 to aquaphor times a billion. That stuff is the only thing that worked/ works when DS' bum occasionally gets agitated. 
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  • I feel like I need to get some aquaphor! I’ve never really used it! 

  • Aquaphor also works wonders for new tattoos, sun burns, etc...

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  • I started aquaphor this morning and her redness is almost completely gone!!! Went to walmart and bought smaller tubes to put in the diaper bag! 
    To add to @zombiehoohaa I know it works great for cradle cap as well!
  • I cloth so I use the coconut oil. Works amazing!
  • @TalesOfASocialIntrovert tell me more about aquaphor for baby acne. DS has it bad and it looks uncomfortable which makes me so sad.
  • I had to order this cream online called Calazime, it is so amazing. DS had it so bad from acid reflux that his whole bum was raw and within a day it was almost all clear. We tried Desitin, A&D, Boudreax's, and Triple paste covered with Vaseline and nothing worked besides this stuff.
  • @noideawhatshesdoing my kids had baby acne and we were told to leave it alone completely. DD's looked bad but her skin cleared up by 4 months old and her skin is perfect. It's not uncomfortable for them the way it would be for us.

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    @noideawhatshesdoing I have no idea why it works but I just rub a thin layer on the face once or twice a day and after bathing. You can even just "spot treat" areas as well. I just stay clear of the eyes but since babies don't rub their faces with their hands yet at this age, it stays pretty much where you put it. DDs baby acne was sooo bad and Aquaphor was the only thing that made a significant difference for her skin.

    Edit to add that DD spit up a LOT and her acne + spit up would otherwise result in mild skin infections. I agree with @flockofmoosen3 that it doesn't bother them if it's just the acne.
  • Thanks @flockofmoosen3 and @TalesOfASocialIntrovert ! DS skin just looks painful, I was broken out all through pregnancy and the poor guy looks even worse than I did. Angry skin all around for the family I guess.  I am going to ask the pediatrician just to make sure it's only acne and not something more.
  • Anyone else's LO getting the hiccups a lot? Milo literally has them 3-4 times a day. I know they are harmless but I wonder if I'm doing something wrong while feeding/after feeding? He had them a lot in the womb too.
  • @kissableviv yes lots of hiccups over here. I’ve noticed it tends to be when he’s cold or has a dirty diaper. The pacifier sometimes help takes them away too. LO has them all the in utero too. 
  • @kissableviv +1 for tons of hiccups! Dd has them ALL the time and had them a lot in utero as well
  • They actually talked about hiccups and sneezing in the discharge class I had to go to today! Apparently it's totally normal for them to have lots of both for the first six weeks or so  :)
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  • Yep, hiccups are totally normal! 

    We had a lot of blow outs with DD and are already having that problem with LO. He's barely over 8 lbs but we've still been using NB diapers because size 1 seems huge on him - I have to overlap the tabs. Any advice from other STM+?
  • @MichelleAG05 what diaper brand are you using?
  • @wildtot Pampers Swaddlers. DH bought a box of Pampers Pure yesterday but I haven't opened them yet.
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