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  • navete said:
    @swanbrooner That seems like a reasonable solution. I agree with you that the one-off posts will probably increase if we don’t have a systematic approach. I want to encourage people to post and ask questions (and offer support/advise), but if we have too many drive-by posts, the community regulars will get fatigued. Thanks for bringing this up!
    Any thoughts/opinions on a weekly questions/help thread?

    It might be my Bump past, but I’d like to see it so there aren’t so many one-off “help me” threads being posted by people who probably aren’t invested in our group. 

    I feel like as more are posted/being seen on the first thread page, it just invites more “strangers” to do the same thing, as it’s perceived as normal. 

    If I’m the only one who is bothered by this, I’ll go with the flow, of course.

    Frankly, I don't think a thread for that will help that much. The type of people who tend to post random one-offs with silly questions aren't going to go looking for a thread to post that in, in my experience. Can certainly try, but one-offs will still happen. 
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  • @lovesclimbing

    I agree that they will still happen, but with less frequency. We can always ask them to intro and post in the questions thread. 

    Support is a two-way street. I don’t want to dogpile a thread with snarky comments or ignore anyone with a legitimate concern, but anyone posting here should be willing to stick around, follow established norms, and offer support to others too. 

  • We can try it. I’ve found in the past we have drive bus no matter what. 
  • @meggyme hahaha YES. Some people absolutely do deserve an avalanche of snarky GIFs.
  • It took some massive will power not to bombard that one with tons of snarky gifs. 
  • Maybe pin an announcement that says "Questions? Need Help? Post HERE!" if its always at the top maybe it will be more effective???? 
  • swanbroonerswanbrooner
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    @JLaVO888 That sounds perfect. If they ignore that and post their own, they deserve the snark that comes their way.
  • Made one! Now just need admin to pin it.
  • One thing to remember about pinning posts, it’s very difficult to get the admins to unpin something later. In my last bmb we tried for weeks because between the old ultrasounds, intros, and guidelines and all the Bump promotional posts (most of which were closed our years old) you had to scroll in order to even see the first thread on mobile. We ended up starting a secret bump group just so we could actually control the pinned posts (which isn’t a bad way to go, BTW). Just something to consider.
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  • I don't think there is any hope of it working without it being pinned. The people that drop in to ask questions like that are not the ones that are going to do any scrolling at all. The only hope we have of them using the questions thread is if its the first thing they see. 
  • I have my doubts that the people coming here to drive by are reading anything on the board besides “new discussion”.
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  • I think drive by posts are unavoidable honestly but I'm willing to try something if others want to. 
  • I don't mind a couple pinned threads, but please don't beg for lots of things to be pinned! Once it gets more than three or four, it's too many. 

    Six is an entire screenful to scroll past every time you click to the main board on mobile. It gets annoying fast! 
  • @offtoneverland thanks, that’s actually a really good idea!
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  • navetenavete
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    Can I propose adding a FTM weekly checkin? I would personally find that quite useful and I think it’ll perhaps help with some of the one off posts (FX).
  • @navete there was one a week or so ago. Feel free to start it up!
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  • navetenavete
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    @meggyme Thanks! I did see/participate in that thread (or maybe just thought about participating lol). I'll start one with a weekly format and see how that fares.
  • A lot of the other boards have been doing a mental health check in. Anyone interested? Weekly or Monthly? 
  • @JLaVO888 Yes, me! I've been waiting for someone to start or suggest, thanks! Maybe start off with monthly and if it seems really active we can make it weekly.
  • Is anyone opposed to adding a thread for those of us carrying multiples since Twin + pregnancy comes with different concerns, earlier delivery, etc.

  • @Pooka8 that’s a great idea. It’s come up in multiple threads so far. Usually there’s a MOMs (moms of multiples) weekly or monthly thread once people start finding out about multiples.
  • @Pooka8 anyone can start any thread that they like. We just like to make sure that anything started is applicable to more than just the person posting it, like personal questions. Feel free to start a multiples thread, there's definitely a few twin moms here.
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  • Should someone start a baby shower thread? I would be interested in seeing or hearing about them? 
  • @zionsmama85 sure, I’d love to see everyone’s showers.
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