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Persistent headaches

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I’m 14+2 with persistent awful headaches. I had a couple bad ones in the first trimester, but they would subside after Tylenol. Since week 13 began, I’ve pretty much had a headache the entire time. It feels like a migraine without the light/sound sensitivity. Tylenol is not doing the trick. I’m long past caffeine withdrawal. My blood pressure is perfect 108/69. Is this just my life for the next 26 weeks?!

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    @Dublinlovested unfortunately headaches can be a normal pregnancy symptom. However, yes they can also be indicative of more, too. Definitely let your doctor know, s/he may have some ideas on what could help. I know for me Tylenol doesn't do a thing to alleviate my headaches, so I'm planning to ask my doctor what else I may be able to do. Sometimes even just a warm bath/shower helps me though! Which I know that's no help for during the day if you're at work or something. Idk if that helped much, but solidarity girl!

    ETA omg how could I forget!! My chiropractor is my best friend when I'm pregnant, lol. If you have a chiropractor or at least aren't opposed to one even if you've never been before, definitely look into finding one! He helps so much with my lower back pain, too!
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  • My headaches have been persistent and caused my neck tension. Massages have helped me a ton. But definetly let your doctor know.
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