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Anyone newly pregnant with twins?

Hi, I am kind of new to this online thing and am sure there probably is a board for those pregnant with multiples.  However, all I could find was some outdated posts. Could someone direct me where to go? Thanks so much!

Re: Anyone newly pregnant with twins?

  • Hi, are you part of a bmb yet? Some ladies in your bmb may alao be expecting twins and have threads dedicated to mom's with multiples. Other than that I haven't really found any boards dedicated soley to twin moms.. 
  • Thank you for your response! Yes, I do have a bmb but so far, no one has confirmed twins.  Maybe more will turn up.  
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  • Idk what a bmb is but I’m currently 22 weeks with twins 
  • @lwillson27 a bmb is your birth month board. Whatever due date the doctors gave you. When I went in for my first appointment they said I was due in October so that's the bmb I participate in(: if you're due in November you'd check in there, September your check in there, etc. Or you can keep checking back in here as well!
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