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Explaining private parts/privacy

hello - haven't posted in forever. How do I explain to my 6 year old WHY her private parts are private? trying to find an age-appropriate explanation beyond 'we don't touch our bottoms because germs.' TIA!

Re: Explaining private parts/privacy

  • hailey1207hailey1207 member
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    I remember when my son was 5 years old, he's asked curiously about it. I explained to him where his private part is located. I told him that nobody is allowed to look or touch that area because it's private. I told him that even doctor can't touch or look at his private without us. I told him also that privates should be kept to ourselves. Don't ever touch them when other kids are around or when adults are around. Also, I told him also that you may not touch anybody else's private parts and he was like " Ok, so what's going on down there is for me and me only".
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