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Has anyone started getting stretch marks?

I'm currently 29 weeks with my first baby. Just wondering if anyone has started seeing stretch marks and if not does anyone know when approximately do stretch marks start to appear? 

I'm so paranoid and scared to get stretch marks that I've been lathering on vitamin e, bio oil and tummy butter 3 times a days since the first trimester. 

Thanks fellow August moms!

Re: Has anyone started getting stretch marks?

  • Hi there! First, don't be scared of the stretch marks. If they happen they happen. I think they're actually more tied to genetics than anything so the oils and creams will help with the itching but I don't think they do much to prevent the marks. As to when they show up, every body and every pregnancy is different so I don't know if there's a hard and fast time that stretch marks will appear.

    Your baby is healthy and growing and it's beautiful that your body is changing to accommodate a brand new tiny human! It can be hard to deal with these changes but try to embrace them. Congratulations on your pregnancy :)
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  •  I got some with my first pregnancy, but I had no idea until my baby was born bc they were hiding under my bump. I would imagine i will get more with this pregnancy too, and probably in different places, since i am carrying SO differently.
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    I am 29 weeks and have not gotten any.  But, my mom never got any either.  I started taking collagen hydrolysate which is supposed to help with skin elasticity and repair (under the surface!) but who knows if it'll actually work or if my DNA won't give me any.  I do put coconut oil on my belly every morning.
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  • Meh. I got a few with my first pregnancy, and if anything the ones I already had are just getting longer. Particularly where I used to have a navel piercing, but tbh I care not one iota. It's worth it, they'll fade, and it's not like I'm going to be flaunting a bare belly anywhere, any time soon!
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    I’ve heard they’re genetic too. My mom has them and I had developed a few in high school on my hips so I thought for sure I would get them pregnant. I know some people say it doesn’t matter if you moisturize but I did a ton with cocoa butter and Shea oil and did not get one with my first pregnancy! I also heard you can develop them after the baby from your stomach going down so quickly so I wore a stomach wrap everyday which is supposed to help. I did develop a few on the boobs when milk came in. 
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  • I got some with my last pregnancy. At going on 28 weeks, my stretch marks are even worse this time than previously. I’ve been using lotion religiously for weeks to help with all the itching.
  • With my first I got them in the last few weeks especially the last 2 weeks bc I was 2 weeks overdue. With my second I didn’t get any additional ones but I was very small and very sick. With my 3rd I got a ton more because I got huge. This time my old ones are still there and have basically popped back up. They never actually went away from my very first child 17 years ago. They get lighter and fade a bit but never fully go away. I am hoping to not get much more this time around with baby 4 
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