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Thoughts on evening primrose oil

I'm 39 weeks pregnant still not dialated. I've been doing a bunch of research about evening primrose oil is supposed to help rippen your cervix and help get labor started. Has anyone used this before? Did it work for you? I've been taking orally for a week now 

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    I’ve never personally tried it but there are a list of things that say may “help” induce labor but none are guaranteed. Baby will come when it’s ready. You can also go from not being dilated to full on labor within hours. But your close to the finish line! 
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    It isn’t a magic pill but it won’t hurt. My doctor did suggest trying it. I only took it for a few days, before my water broke, though. Like PP said, dilation or a lack of doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I was 1cm and 25% and had a baby in my arms in less than 24 hours completely naturally. Other people are dilated for weeks.
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  • My midwife suggested taking it orally when I get closer to my due date, and also breaking a pill open and using the oil as lubricant for sex. I'll be induced for medical reasons and EPO is one of the things I can try to avoid induction, it won't hurt but who knows if it'll help. 

    “...the oral administration of evening primrose oil from the 37th gestational week until birth does not shorten gestation or decrease the overall length of labor. Further, the use of orally administered evening primrose oil may be associated with an increase in the incidence of prolonged rupture of membranes, oxytocin augmentation, arrest of descent, and vacuum extraction.”
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  • My midwife suggested i start taking EPOat 36 weeks with #4 and pregnancy tea(red raspberry leaf tea). I was taking 2 capsules a day and drinking 1 to two cups of tea a day. I had a healthy natural delivery at 39 weeks. Babies make their own time. 
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