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2nd percentile at 30 weeks! Please help

I went too the Dr today and got 2 different scans and my daughter is in the 2nd percentile and I'm freaking out. Can someone please tell me your stories and what they did about it?

Re: 2nd percentile at 30 weeks! Please help

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  • A friend of mine had two babies, both 6th percentile on scans. She was put on bedrest and monitored closely with NSTs, BPPs etc and induced at 38 weeks. 

    Every pregnancy is different and only your provider will be able to give you a clear plan of what the remainder of your pregnancy is going to look like. In all likelihood, you’ll have growth very closely monitored as well as baby’s tolerance to remaining in utero. They will weigh the benefits and risks of keeping baby in versus delivering early with each scan and decide when you need to deliver. I would suggest calling your OB and asking for a meeting so they can give you a clear outline of what they are planning.
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