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May 2018 Birth Announcements

I thought maybe it was time to start this post. I am hoping we are weeks away from adding to it but with some of us on bed rest maybe not :# Seems like only yesterday we were posting our intros. 
Stolen from another BMB. Post your announcements here! PLEASE do not comment here unless it's an announcement, LOVE-ITs are a great way to say congrats without clogging up this post. 


***Please do not comment on this thread unless it is your birth announcement***


Use this thread to share baby's name, birth date, birth stats, pictures, and etc. 
Please share your birth story as a separate thread if you are comfortable doing so!

**Please try to use spoiler boxes on pictures!**

"Love Its" are welcome and appreciated on this thread, but please refrain from commenting with anything other than your story and baby's/babies' details

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Re: May 2018 Birth Announcements

  • @BumpAdmin Can you sticky this please?

    Me: 30 | H: 30

    MMC: 6/2017 (10w5d)
    DS: May 2018
    TTC #2

    BFP: 9/1/19  EDD: 5/14/20

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  • Thankfully you had someone to call with your husband away @kristib1027. Sorry to hear your birth story was traumatizing, that would be so scary! So happy your baby girl is doing well and I hope you are too!
  • @kristib1027 what a shock and I'm so sorry to hear about your complications:( but congrats on your beautiful Belle! Maybe you all be blessed! 

    Congrats to all the other May mamas!! Eagerly awaiting more birth stories and announcements! ❤️
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  • Yay congrats! Glad everything went well!
  • mlindzzmlindzz member
    edited May 2018
    On May 13th my water broke, it was a slow leak so I didn’t know it at the time. I suspected it could be my water, but it wasnt a continual like they say a slow leak generally is. The following morning at around 8am I noticed some cramping I was having was coming in waves, by 8:20, I told my husband to drop our son off at Daycare STAT, it was baby day. He returned home around 9am and I jumped in the car with him, we arrived at the hospital around 9:30 and baby was born at 10:16am. I was brought up in a wheel chair, and was 9cm dilated. I had known for weeks he was facing the wrong direction (head engaged, but facing forwards), we had a wonderful and skilled nurse who coached me through some positioning to have him turn and tried to help me slow things down. She later shared that she use to be a midwife, and she’s now an instructor at the hospital. What an absolute God send she was! She advocated for me from the second I arrived at triage and stuck with me until baby was born. Although the doc was requesting that I be on my back for delivery, we negotiated and I ended up having him side laying after having spent all my time before on my knees as I had wanted. And, he had managed to turn around and was born facing the right away! Thank you Lord.  Amazingly, I was also able to reach down and be the one to pull him out with some coaching from the nurse. Labour was excruciatingly hard, no surprise being so fast and unmedicated, but it was overall a huge success! 

    Oh, also, he’s a boy! His gender was a surprise for us. Maverick James, weighing 7lbs7oz at 39w4d.

    Positive thoughts and prayers to all your mama’s still waiting for your little ones arrival!  Trust your instincts :) 

  • Congrats ladies!! So wonderful that you got to have unmedicated births, I'm hoping to follow in your footsteps! Your babies are beautiful ❤️
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  • knw007knw007 member
    Arianna Grace was born May 10th at 7lbs1 oz and 19.5 in long. She was a scheduled c section at 38 weeks 6 days. Hospital tried to send me home until I was 39 weeks but I was already having contractions 2-5 minutes apart so they let me deliver. 
  • Aubrey Jaymes was born Saturday May 12th, one day before her given due date. 6lb-15oz & 21" long.  Our first born & my 1st Mother's day couldn't be more perfect!

    Early Sat morning  (3am-ish), I was awaken with discomfort, but was able to fall back asleep for a little bit. By 6:30-7, I was waking my husband and he called the Dr. office. We were told to wait a bit for closer contractions, which started around 9am.  We left for the hospital, checked in to the triage area, was told to walk around for an hour and if I progressed to 3cm then I would be staying, which happened. I was checked into our delivery room, decided on the epidural, which helped me sleep on/off for couple hours. I decided to have my water broke, which happened around 5pm.  At 7-7:30 pm I started having the feeling of needing to push, which I told my nurse, she checked me and said yep, you are fully dilated. 

    This part was hard, there were moments that I felt I wasn't going to be able to do this. But my husband and nurse were there for support and after about 2 hours our little girl was here at 9:16pm!  So in love with this little girl! ♡
  • Liam Arthur Michael was born at 22:25pm at 40w1d on May 26th via emergency c section. After 12 hours of labour and no progress past 3-4cm and being on the highest dose of Pitocin it was determined by the Dr that he would not fit through the birth canal. He is feeding well and we couldn't be more besotted with our IVF miracle and rainbow baby ❤️ 
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  • Although his due date was June 3rd I ended up being induced a week early due to his size and on May 28th at 12:24 PMJulian Mateo made his grand appearance! At 8lbs ans 11oz I had a super quick delivery after being on pitocin for 3 hours I went from 2cm to 8cm dilated and didnt get my epidural until 8cm and barely on time. I pushed for 12 min and he was here! His cord was wrapped around his neck buy my doctor did a great job and was very calm and got him breathing and from blue to pink in no time. I am in love!
  • Original due date June 14th then i became diabetic and it was going to be June 8th but my girl arrived May 26th at 8:24am after 3hrs of pushing. Her hand was on her face making it so difficult and long. 

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