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3rd Trimester

Sudden swelling! Is it normal?

I was sitting down having a conversation when out of nowhere my legs (knees down and the way to my toes) swelled up really bad. I got up for a bit, but it only seemed to make it worse. Elevating is helping a little, but I'm still swollen. Is this normal? Is my body trying to tell me something is wrong? 

Re: Sudden swelling! Is it normal?

  • Id call my doctors office. 
    izza2[Deleted User]
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  • Probably because this is my first child and I honestly have no guidance on this besides my Dr and my own research to rely on. Don't have the luxury of having the wisdom from a mother or grandmother or from the gods or whatever. (Not trying to sass, just being honest.) Not sure if it was normal or not. That's it. 
  • izza2izza2 member
    Even if you don't have a mother or grandmother or friend or someone who knows 101 about pregnancy, you have the capability to Google.

    No, it's not normal.
    Yes, you need to call your doctor. 
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    Even if it were normal for one mother it may not be your normal. Everyone has a different experience with pregnancy even if it’s not their first child. Always call your doctor if your concerned. Our advice and experience shouldn’t replace that. 
    [Deleted User]paytonpedro
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    FTM can't ask one simple question without getting backlash. Called my doctor and everything is fine. Honestly, just wanted an opinion. I really don't see what is so wrong with that. How the hell am I supposed to know? This is my first time. 
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