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The Moment It Hit You

Anyone else have a "the moment it hit you that you're going to be a parent"?

I'm 23 weeks pregnant, home alone for the next 3 months due to Hubbys deployment, and just had a huge "oh crap, I'm a mom" moment while sitting at the dining room table organizing the bills- all the while feeling the baby happily kicking away.

I'm curious what your "moment" was. 

Re: The Moment It Hit You

  • @harleyquinn0621 yay for making it to viability! Such a huge milestone

    So this is our 2nd so I don't really get that "I'm going to be a mom moment" but actually just this morning it dawned on me how soon our little guy is going to be here.  I actually think I got just as many butterflies in my stomach as the first time
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  • I’m a 2nd time mom, but it felt real as soon as we found out he was a boy and named him. I find it a lot easier to connect at that point.
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  • Stac928Stac928 member
    Like @harleyquinn0621 I’ve been pregnant several times. So I was super cautious about excitement this time. I’m not entirely sure I’ve had that moment yet. 
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  • I'm here quietly twiddling my thumbs, still in a good bit of denial... :# 
  • Im 25 weejs now first time and young mom and mine hit me during this week. It was while i was putting lotion on my bump and suddenly i saw this movement like my bump twitch and i was just like im legit got this baby growing in me and soon im going to be a mama. Like it just felt so much real for me. 
  • Finding out we were going to have a little boy was a big moment for me.  This is a science baby and getting pregnant was not an easy feat so I still have moments of disbelief.  
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  • I'm really glad the movements are getting more obvious from the outside.  I know it's helped my husband start connecting a little more
  • STM here. With my first, it didn’t fully hit me until LO was born. With this one, I’d say around 20/22 weeks, when the kicks became easier to feel.
  • mogeekmogeek member
    Now that I can feel him doing somersaults and bouncing on my bladder, it's becoming a bit more "real" for me. We've also started rearranging furniture to make room for baby stuff and that's getting exciting.

    There have been a few moments when I've had a small wave of excitement and anxiety letting it sink in that I'm starting a new journey - not only is a baby on the way, but the years and years that he'll be in my everyday life. It's such a mix of emotions. Holidays and some of my favorite places have a new meaning - I can't wait to share them with him and watch his reactions discovering stuff for the first time. And then the fears of the dangers he'll face - from baby proofing to prevent accidents to illnesses I can't prevent; making sure he's prepared for the world, but not pushing my anxieties/bad experiences on him. It can be overwhelming sometimes.

    I don't think it will fully hit me until he's in my arms. I think part of me is still scared something could go wrong and he won't make it into my arms ... which I try not to think about.
  • STM but it really hit when we started calling her ‘our daughter’ instead of ‘the baby’
    And naming her helped. But yeah, still in disbelief here! In fact I was up until the moment they put DS on my chest for my 1st pregnancy lol!
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  • Yeah I’m not sure it’s fully hit me yet either. Sometimes it’s real, but others I’m just like what’s the big deal? Of course, I’ve just started feeling her move more so maybe as that picks up it will really hit me. 
  • STM and to be honest, though I feel him all the time and we’re doing all this prep work, the amount of pain and discomfort I’m in everyday, I’m still not completely in belief I think until he pops out lol
  • STM and to be honest, though I feel him all the time and we’re doing all this prep work, the amount of pain and discomfort I’m in everyday, I’m still not completely in belief I think until he pops out lol
    STM here too, and I feel the same. It still really hasn't git me that I'm going to have TWO now!
  • I know! I’m doing all these things in the nursery but my brain isn’t really registering the purpose lol
  • kburg15kburg15 member
    My first didn’t hit me until I was nursing him for the first time in the birth center bed. It was surreal, but if I could’ve pictured that moment during labor, it might’ve been helpful. This one hasn’t hit me yet because we haven’t done any house prep for her—haven’t washed anything, haven’t moved DS to a big kid room (he’s still in the nursery and crib), haven’t gotten the newborn stuff out. I’m guessing it’ll be the same as the first, but might get a little more exciting as we actually start to prepare for her arrival. 
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