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Tricare Standard, fertility treatments, & pregnancy

Hello, I'm in the National Guard and have tricare standard which is fairly new to me. My husband was active duty so we had prime up until last year when he switched to the guard as well. My husband and I recently started fertility treatments. So far it has covered most of the bills, just a little bit on my half. I know that it does not cover IVF, but does anyone know if it covers IUI? My RE thinks that clomid should work and the farthest we may have to go is IUI. I'm hoping that clomid and the trigger shot will be all we need, but just in case I would like to have an idea as to what to expect with tricare. 
Also, I have never been pregnant before so I am not sure how much tricare standard covers as far as pregnancy and delivery. If anyone could give me any information that would be wonderful! Once I'm pregnant I plan on calling them to receive more information, but again I like to be prepared.
And in case of premature birth do you know how much it helps with NICU costs? 
Thank you for your help!

Re: Tricare Standard, fertility treatments, & pregnancy

  • Can't help with the costs for infertility treatment and NICU but I chose tricare standard after finding out I was pregnant. All of my prenatal care was covered and all but $36 of my hospital bill was covered. That's for a pretty straightforward pregnancy and medicated vaginal birth at a non-military hospital.

    Either way it doesn't hurt to save money, but a call to Tricare might help to alleviate some concerns over coverage.
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  • That's good news! Thank you!
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    Tricare has covered ALL of my fertility treatment thus far except for the IUI itself. Everything was coded as Cycle Management. The IUI procedure out of pocket which was $400 at the clinic we use. Medication had copays at Walgreens, but nothing I am sure you are not used to with standard. 

    Meds used thus cycle was Letrozole, Gonal-F and Ovidrel. Also using Progesterone suppositories in my TWW.

    Good luck! 
  • We are undergoing IVF at Walter Reed Naval Hospital in Bethesda, MD. I know a lot of couples travel here from out of state due to the lower cost of doing IVF. Corrective procedures, ultrasounds and drugs are covered. You pay for the IVF procedure and sperm processing. The bill for us will be 6K with ICSI for 1 round. If we have to go back for a FET the cost is around $2400. If you aren't too far away, maybe you can schedule IVF through WR. They say you have to be nearby for about 3 weeks during the IVF stim for frequent monitorings throughout the cycle. I think their next batched cycle is June-July. They do 5 batched cycles per year. Hope that helps.
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