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Meal Plan Monday 4/30

What's going on in the kitchen this week mamas?

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DS 11.8.12
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Re: Meal Plan Monday 4/30

  • Well we FINALLY got some Spring weather around here so we grilled basically all weekend.  We made kabobs, corn, burgers with jalapenos and pepper jack cheese, was amazing.  That being said, this is our plan for the week but it might go out the window because it's supposed to be 80 and Sunny almost everyday...

    Sunday-Southwest turkey stuffed bell peppers
    Monday-Grilled chicken, mixed veggies, cous cous
    Tuesday-Pizza zucchini boats
    Wednesday-Leftovers (5 yo has ball practice)
    Thursday-Breakfast for dinner
    Friday-Birthday party for my nephew, so pizza probably
    Saturday-Since it's Cinco de Mayo, probably tacos, burritos, fajitas or nachos...whatever sounds best that day. :)
    <3 Married 6.12.10 <3
    DS 11.8.12
     Baby GIRL! due 7.4.18
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  • Sunday - Instant Pot Creamy Tuscan Chicken Pasta -
    Monday - Eggplant parm
    Tuesday - Instant Pot "crack chicken" and I'm going to make it into sandwiches (it's from a cookbook so I don't have a link)
    Wednesday - "Big salad" - large entree size salad with veggies, chicken, toppings, etc.
    Thursday - Instant Pot "lazy chili" (from cookbook)
    Friday - ??? or leftovers
    Saturday - Out for dinner for my FIL's birthday
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  • M- Cafe rio pork burritos (that I didn’t make last week)
    T- fish something using trout that we (my 6 and 2 yo) caught over the weekend with French fries or fried potatoes 
    W- sloppy dogs with chips and a veggie
    T- bbq chicken salads
    F- probably out 
    S- steak and baked potatoes and a veggie
    S- goulash, garlic bread, salad.

  • Sunday- Home made chicken parm (omg it was so good)
    Monday- Salmon with sauteed balsamic mushrooms and spinach
    Tuesday- Shake and bake pork chops with broccoli
    Wednesday- Grilled BBQ chicken drumsticks with green beans
    Thursday- Home made miso soup (without the miso- just veg broth) and greek salad
    Friday & Sat I am going to visit family in CT because DH has a bachelor party weekend- so yay for my mom cooking haha
  • @amdftw I think I need an instant pot and your meal plan for this week just makes me think I need one more!!
    <3 Married 6.12.10 <3
    DS 11.8.12
     Baby GIRL! due 7.4.18
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