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1/88 risk of Downs Syndrome

I received a terrifying call today. I am 34 years old and was told I am at an increased risk of having a baby with Downs Syndrome. My chances are 1/88...normal is 1/150. NT measurement was fine.
Has any one been through this and had the Harmony scan, had a healthy baby, or gone on to have a baby with DS. Very frightened. 

Re: 1/88 risk of Downs Syndrome

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  • I was also 34 when pregnant with my so and we received a 1/95 chance of having T21. Our NT measurement and first trimester blood work were fine but things changed with my second trimester bloodworm. We opted to have an amnio and everything came back normal. I hope all goes well with you! I know waiting for the results to come back was really hard.
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  • Hi, just wanted to offer some reassurance.  I’m 37 and pregnant so I had concerns about increased risk for DS.  My NT scan came back normal, and my doctor told she had never seen a baby with Down Syndrome who didn’t have an enlarged nuchal measurement.  Just a thought!  
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  • I also wanted to add some reassurance to others who come across this thread... my chances came back 1:4 ... did the Harmony test and all is normal, no chromosomal issues. 
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