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Shortness of breath/Anxiety

Is having shortness of breath during the first trimester normal? I barely do any activity and out of breath and get shortness of breath more the past 3 days. Has anybody had this before? and what can it be? what has helped you? 

Re: Shortness of breath/Anxiety

  • ***I am NOT a Doctor, and you should always call your dr with concerns*** (this is just what my Dr told me)

    So unless you are having other issues,  shortness of breath/feeling like you can't take a full breathe in, can be completely normal.
    I had it last time,  and currently experience it daily. 
    Progesterone increases lung capacity, and until your body gets used to the new hormone levels/capacity,  you may feel short of breath.

    Also, this would be a wonderful thing to go in our Questions thread or or Symptoms thread. 
    Also, you should really change your name, so we get a chance to know and remember you! 
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    I've always had pretty mild asthma and I notice with each pregnancy i get really short of breath. But also talk to your doctor for anything that concerns you and let them know what's going
  • Mine really is mostly anxiety. I try to remind myself to calm down, try to do excercises to take a deep breath, sometimes it just doesn’t work and some days it’s ok. Ask your doc if you are concerned. 

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  • I get short of breathe doing the most mundane things. Basically any time I'm not sitting down I end up getting gsjort of breathe. 
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  • Yup. Can't carry my 7 lb cat up the stairs without getting short of breath.
  • I have this problem too. 
  • My problem is more dizziness than shortness of breath, but yeah. I walk up a flight of stairs and then I have to sit down. I would definitely bring it up to your OB at your next appointment but I would bet it’s just another normal joyful gift of motherhood.
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  • You know your body better than we do, but I would suggest bringing it up with your doc. That said, I'm a bit more sensitive to this warning sign due to my medical history. It seems like it absolutely can be completely normal but I think it's worth an appointment to rule out anything else.
  • I have asthma and it has definitely been exacerbated more frequently so far this pregnancy. Certain things trigger it that never did before (I can’t take baths anymore). Definitely something you should bring up with your doctor.

  • Early in 1st Trimester, going up and down stairs left me completely breathless, as did things like carrying in groceries and bending over to tie my shoes.  

    I’m 13w4d now, and that has subsided a lot.  
  • I’ve heard this can be normal, but like was said previously, you know your body. It never hurts to give your Dr. a call and check in :). I’ve certainly had it in my first trimester and everything seems to be alright. 
  • I get shortness of breath walking upstairs. Also if I talk too fast. Shortness of breath is common because your body is working harder creating life and carrying around all that extra blood and pregnancy fluids. I read that on the internet so it must be true.  
  • Good to know others experience this, I was just thinking I'm really out of shape these days. Your post also mentions anxiety, as in your anxious about shortness of breath or is it possibly linked to ongoing anxiety, such as a panic attack?  Either way, bringing it up with your ob is a good idea as others suggested.
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