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2nd Trimester

Am so sad or is it the "hormones " ?

Hey everyone  :)merry Christmas to you and family.. this is my second time pregnant and  am 22 weeks gone and till now everything is going well..until I found out today that my mother and father in law are not happy about me been pregnant..I  found it hard to believe but they keep making comments like " we don't need more family member" I have made up my mind not to have both in the hospital when my baby is about to come. I don't know if I should be disappointed or am I taking it wrong.. please is there anyone going tru the same or similar situation ?

Re: Am so sad or is it the "hormones " ?

  • That is so hard. are you a part of a birth month board? it would be a great source of aupport on the day to day than just the trimester boards. have you confronted them about this? I would tell them how hurtful their comments are and set your foot down and saying if they feel that way you wont be involved with them.
  • Thanks alot.. I did confront them and even asking them what if am pregnant with twins , would I have to give one away? And they were quite, my husband doesn't seem to understand that am really hurt by this and that makes me more sad
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  • I'm sorry you're going through this.  It sounds easier than it is but you have the power to not let them hurt you.  Distance yourself, believe that YOU and your H are the only people whose happiness matters, and move forward with your life and don't concern yourself with what they think.

    Yes, it's amazing to have family support but in the end, you can do this without family.

    I agree with @lindsayleigh1989.  Your BMB would be a great source of support and community, which sounds like something you could use.  The ladies on my board are awesome and we've only just "met" a few weeks ago.

    Good luck to you.

  • That is horrible! Im so sorry. They are jerks so just live your life as happy as you can best revenge is indifference. 
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