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GTKY: What do you do?

Feel free to share as much or as little as you would like. Just a few questions to get to know you but no need to answer them all or in that order. 

Are you a working mom? What is your job? How did you end up in that career? 

Are you a SAHM? How long have you been SAH? Did you work before switching to SAH? How did you make that decision? 

What are your hobbies? How do you spend your free time? 
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Re: GTKY: What do you do?

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  • @sunshineandwhiskey I don't actually have to do that much math. MH always makes fun of me because I use excel so much that I have lost my ability to do quick math in my head. I mean I have all of the costs and factors that affect the profitability on the price and there are a lot of moving pieces with huge national customers that have 150+ items but it's more knowing how the basic principals of math change things, and being able to explain that to the sales reps. 

    I actually went into college as a chemistry major but I failed calculus and had to reevaluate and I think I just wanted the path of least resistance. 
    Me & MH: 30 │ DS: 6/1/18 (IUGR born at 37+5 seizures caused by bilateral grade 2 ventricular hemorrhage)

  • @amys614 @izza2 This is kind of an aside, but It has been great to have both of you around to share your medical experience. I feel like I've learned a lot from you guys on this board!
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  • @izza2 @2589 see I feel like I could never do adults, not long term at least. I love that nursing has so many options! 
  • I am a pharmacist but I work very part time because of the lack of child care we have so I am mostly a SAHM.  I enjoy working though and hope to go back on a more regular schedule eventually.  

    In what spare time I have with two crazy boys at home I enjoy reading and spending time with family. 

  • @lrichhx05 - I couldn't work in a nursing home or long term care facility, either, lol. I used to work in a nursing home as a CNA, and it was okay at first, but then once I got attached to the residents, I would get so heartbroken if they got sick or passed away.
    I like having a significant chance that people will go home and be fine once they're out of my care.

    [Which really makes no sense; I love working with hospice patients and knowing that I'm providing them dignity at the end of their life. I guess it has to do with their function-ability and for some reason "really knowing" that the hospice patient will pass on, and having some sort of hope that the nursing home patient will live for another 20 years...?]
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  • @izza2 I mean with hospice patients you know they will pass soon and it's not unexpected, so I can see how that makes it easier. My first job was at a long term care facility and it's like one day someone is fine, and then all of a sudden they're sick/dying, which is hard. 
  • @ffw0617 - Where did you study abroad?  I spent my junior year of college in Spain and LOVED it.  I'm so sad that my passport is now expired and even if it weren't there just isn't any time for traveling the way I used to.

    @LaceyBee522 - My job revolves around responding to RFPs.  Which is why I'm on here during work so often recently - down time between proposals. The next one I'm responsible for responding to is due out before the end of March.  It could be any day... or it could be released months from now.  So hard to tell when it's the federal government issuing the RFPs.    Also, our local community has a Junior Civic League - I assume that's similar to what you were talking about.

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  • @mytinc Oh, man....government RFPs are the worst. Seriously, some of them give me nightmares!! 
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